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How to install car project headlight?

Adding Projector headlight to your car is something that gives your additional focus light through a lens onto the road. Unlike this feature you will not get in the standard headlight. So, choosing the car projector headlight is the best option. People basically prefer such kind of light because these lights having potential to cover more of the road and this enable you to see much and much better. Projector headlight gives you more visibility power and keeps you safe from circumstances.

Below are the steps to install the car projector headlight

First step is to disconnect the electrical power of old headlight and then slightly remove the headlight from your car. If it’s blocking to pass the light at back then you may have to do the few changes in parts like remove those parts that block the light to pass broadly.

Place the new headlight in the frame and make sure to assemble the headlight into frame at right position. So that the headlight you mounted do not have to readjust. Once you done with the task remember to align all your mounted holes properly on your projector headlights.

Take the screw driver in your hand and tight the screw properly . Make sure you will tighten the screws into the mount and the frame to prevent the headlight from slipping.

Last step is to test the headlight which you fit into the frame. Before checking connect the power to your headlight properly and so, that both headlight shine equivalently on the road. If you found something unbalanced then you need to adjust until it makes you satisfied.


Where to buy?

Are you looking to give your car an ultimate look to your car? Then no need to go ahead. Projector Headlight is the best way to go for. Projector headlight makes your drive more safely and safer. Especially in the night it’s adding the pleasing effect to your drive. We PERFORMANCE ZONE is one of the largest supplier of Car Projector headlights in India. Get the headlight for type of car. We have the huge collections and styles of headlight in wide range of colours you have to choose from.


Chevrolet Cruze Projector Headlights

Honda City I Vtec Projector Headlight

Honda Accord Projector Headlight

Honda Jazz BMW Style Projector Headlights and many more..


Get the varieties and various style of car projector headlight for ford, maruti Suzuki, Honda and Chevrolet and Mahindra. Please visit to the above link you will find all the necessary information and part you want.

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Have A Full Knowledge Of Car Body Parts

When you customize your Car with appealing and well executing Carbonfiberhood, your choice will reflect your selections and assure people about your preferences and personality. Thus, Customization of Cars will prove to be pleasing, as you will make a style statement with your Car. Everybody of you likes their own Car and wishes it to look beautiful and strong.

There are few accessories which can build your Car to a strong and more beautiful. These Accessories can even modify the everlasting look of your old Car and it will become stylish one. Some of the people like their Car to change oftentimes. Some owners like their Cars and never like to change it. These owners wish that their Car should be very comfort, strong and great looking and for that they employ many alterations to their Car. Some of the people wish to modify the look of Car often. Boys need a racing car and they change their Car according to the interest.

When you like to customize your Car, there you will be modifying some of the major aspects of your Car. The changes can be related to performance, looks, sound and the utility of the vehicle. The looks can be modified by bringing few changes in the color and contours of the car. The functioning of the Car can be raised in lot of ways and one of the major changes that are seeable will be in the Car Body kits. The improvements that are done in the Car will have a best utility value although you drive the car. Car modification has get a fad with the young generation and is earning popularity because of the easy accessibility of the aftermarket Products. Carbodykits and other outer parts like aftermarketrearbumper are usable easily and you can make online purchases as well.

Almost each and every Car brand has bestowed out the external parts in order to build it convenient for the clients to personalize their Cars. Two types of bumper are utilized in Cars Front bumper and Rear bumper. Car Bumpers are the most popular Car parts People look for. If you are not capable to ascertain what you are searching for at Auto Parts stores, you can get them Online and acquire them got in to your door if you are leaving to pay for delivery Costs.

You can buy front Bumper and Rear bumper separately.  Aftermarket Front Bumper, aftermarket Rear bumper are normally used now. Car body kit is usually utilized to provide a new great look to the Car. The main purpose is to utilize enhancive tools for your Car. The young guys broadly like to modify their Car with appealing Carbody kit.

Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine: A High Quality Diesel Engine With Hardcore Fuel Efficiency

Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine: A High Quality Diesel Engine With Hardcore Fuel Efficiency

Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine is a high quality diesel engine in the world of auto vehicles. Actually the diesel engines are used in those kinds of vehicles which are used to take very heavy loads. The company is doing the same thing by these engines. Basically the Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engines are used in pick up vans and trucks which are usually made to use to carry heavy loads. On the other hand, the mechanical design of Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine has also made so that it can take enough load. Moreover we have to say that the Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine is not only taking heavy load it can also run very fast which is another attractive feature of this engine and vehicles as well.

The Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engines are usually 2.5 liter. These vehicles are usually motorized by Mitsubishi 4D55 turbocharged diesel engines. These engines also reserves the features of inter cooling. The cooling mechanism is very important for all kind of petrol or diesel engines if somehow the cooling system of the engine fails that cause a lot of damage to the engine. Sometimes the engine goes totally out of service for the failure of cooling mechanism. However there are many kind of cooling mechanism are available in the market the feature which the Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine use is a unique one for them.

The Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine also features 16 valves ambitions. It has done by dual clouds camshafts and a common rail injection system. The Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine is also very high efficient engine. The efficiency of a engine is calculated by the ratio of input and output power. Most often it is very important issue for any kind of engines in the world. The engines form Mitsubishi L200 utilizes almost all the power form the fuel.

The Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine has brought an advantage in its gear system too. The Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine provides 5 speed gear mechanism which is very helpful to run the car fast. The gear mechanism is very helpful to provide high torque. The torque is helpful to overcome any obstacles in the path on the way of the car. However the Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine is responsible to overcome any obstacles on the path. Finally it should be said that the Mitsubishi L200 Diesel Engine is a fuel efficient and high performer diesel engine.

Fine, Superior Grade Exotic Cars for Rent in Los Angeles

Are you someone who always had a dream of riding exotic, luxury cars? Do you love to travel around in cars that makes others turn back to have a glimpse at your vehicle? If yes then, you should find yourself an agency that offers superior grade exotic cars on rent. If you are a tourist here in Los Angeles, or if you are a resident, you can find yourself a car to suit your desires. Being a tourist you can enjoy the luxuries of an exotic car on a rental basis, while as a Los Angeles resident you can make a great entrance in parties, weddings and other important occasion riding in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Rolls Royce. There are all types of cars available, so you can choose the one that you have always dreamt about.

There are many agencies here in Los Angeles that will provide you with some of the most popular models of exotic cars, all in well maintained conditions. Also, if you are looking forward to enjoy the pleasures of riding these cars, without handling the pressures of driving then you can opt for the services of a Chauffeur. So, now that you are looking forward to find yourself an agency that offers exotic cars for rent in Los Angeles (if not, then you would not be here, reading this); let us tell you how you can find the agency that will take care of all your needs. If you are indeed thinking about renting a luxury car then you should opt for some of the new models that are now launched.

Some of the models of exotic car you will be able to find at some of the best renowned companies like Premiere Exotic Car Rentals are listed below –

  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Rolls Royce Wraith
  • Mercedes Benz S550
  • Ferrari 458
  • Mercedes SLS AMG
  • Karma Fisker
  • Escalade
  • Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • Trex
  • Lamborghini
  • Chevy Corvette
  • Rolls Royce Ghost
  • Mercedes Benz G Class
  • BMW i8
  • Audi R8
  • Maserati Gran Turismo
  • Bentley GT
  • Range Rover
  • BMW 528i

As mentioned above, there are a good number of agencies that offer cars that are popular amongst the crowd. So, if you want to make an impression on people; then, go for aLamborghini huracan for rent in Los Angeles, you will feel the power of riding a storm; that is, if you are looking for some thrill and excitement.

However, if you want to sit back relax, enjoy the scenic beauty of the place around you and the luxury of the car at the same them then, you should find a Rolls Royce Drop Head Coupe for rent Los Angeles. This one is ‘the car’, for a ride that is exciting as well as relaxing. So, go ahead and make your decision today, Select a car and rent it.

Analysis of ford and the auto industry

Ford operates in a highly dynamic industry that is affected by forces within and without. For efficient strategic management, the company has to understand the forces shaping the industry through the SWOT, PETSEL and Porter’s 5 analyses, and align its strategies with them.

Analysis of the Trends and Issues in the Car Industry

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (P5F)

The threat from new entrants to the profitability of the car industry is minimal. According to Miller (2007), this threat is low because of the many impediments to market entry such as high capital requirements, government policies and legislation (Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of the Automobile Industry, 2010).

Buyers bargaining power also affects the car industry’s attractiveness and profitability. A favorable situation for the industry would be if buyers had low bargaining power, (Rothaermel 2009).

The threat from alternative products is valid in the car industry. The threat is high when the buyers have low switching costs. Hence, players in the industry have to differentiate their cars from their competitors to retain clients (Hill & Rothaermel 2003).

According to Schlie and Yip (2000), the supplier bargaining force is tricky to evaluate because in the US for example, they may yield tremendous power on one hand and sometimes the power may be weak especially when they have one automaker as their only client. However, this notion is discounted by Hohn (2002) who argues that the supplier bargaining power in the auto industry is low because of the many suppliers in the market.

The last force is the rivalry between companies. All the major car dealers face such competition in the world, with the exception of state owned manufactures such as Malaysia’s Proton (McNamara et al 2003).

PESTEL Analysis of the Car Industry

Politics of a country influences the laws and legislations by which car manufacturers operate in. Politics is influenced by consumer demand of environmental concerns or safer cars (Lee et al 2009). Moreover, the car industry is a major contributor to the economy with high usage of computer chips, vinyl, copper, steel, and aluminum with the industry contributing to 4 percent of the US GDP (Gale 2004). The socio-cultural environment affects the type of car people purchase and the efficiency of vehicles in terms of the environment and mileage (Guilford 2004). Lastly, the technology affects business environment for cars. A study by Power and Associates (2002) shows that more than 60 percent of potential buyers conduct research online, with 80 percent of those visiting the websites of the car manufacturers before a test drive at the showroom. Global warming has also changed the ways of thinking in automakers today, with the shift towards alternative fuel vehicles favored (Greenber 2008).

SWOT Analysis and Impact on Ford’s Strategy Making

These represent the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the car industry. According to Bidmon et al (2005), the SWOT analysis in the automotive industry vary between the different companies, however, the general strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are factored in the PESTEL and Porter’s five forces.

(Additional information on the forces and issues affecting the auto industry is provided in the Appendices section on page 15, labeled Appendix A1-A8).

Critical Evaluation of Specific Strategies Employed by Ford

Current Strategies

Ford is a symbolic brand in the American automotive industry. However, the troubles of the company, coupled with huge debts and losses caused it to be on the brink of a bankruptcy in 2005. Therefore, in order to withstand the competitive and regulatory forces in the market, the company had to devise vigorous strategies to overcome not only these factors but also the financial crisis of 2007/8 and the recession afterward. The company in 2010 posted $2.7 billion in profits, the first since 2005 (Plunkett 2010). Hence, this section will seek to explicate how the company managed to record such high profits through the implementation of a colossal restructuring initiative and other strategic planning that caused such an effective turnaround to the automobile giant.

The Paradox of Managed Control

Successful leadership entails flexibility in thought, that is, the capacity to clinch new ideas and discard old ones, whilst living with the premier trait of effective leaders. For effective leadership, the leader has to balance incompatible forces, and deal with paradoxes and ambiguity in a different mindset (Stroth & Miller 2004)

The new leadership at Ford did not try or test strategies before landing on the winner; instead, they employed effective control through the strategic leadership of Alan Mulally, at the peak of its crisis in 2006 (Murray 2010). The strategy he brought to the company was termed as ‘one Ford’, whereby his leadership style apart from demonstrating managed control, created a vision, led change and enthusiasm amongst the employees. The paradox of managed control aids in provision of purposeful direction to a company. This strategy was aimed at providing the team or one Ford with sharp focus via joint decision-making and specialization of skills, in order to be competitive in the automotive industry again (Right 2010). This strategy is still in use currently owing to the success it achieved.

The one Ford strategy is comprised of three important components: one team, one plan and one goal. Mulally’s leadership forged the importance of the employees at Ford working as a lean global enterprise in order to achieve automotive leadership as measured by the dealers, the customers, the employees themselves, the investors, community and the union council (Cable 2011).

The one plan element is centered on four elements: first, the company seeks to restructure its operations in order to operate profitably at the existing stipulations, whilst changing the model mix; the plan also seeks to accelerate the pace of development of new products and innovations that the clients want and value (Valcourt 2007). The new products on demand in the market include energy efficient automobiles owing to the escalating gas prices, and environmentally friendly vehicles with low carbon emissions. Third, the company has adequately financed the plan, because the project would be invalid without finances (Dale 2010); and the last strategy envisaged proper teamwork and commitment, meaning extra hours and devotion (Gardner 2011).

The last vision, it spelled out was the company’s goal of delivering profitable growth not only for the company, but also for their customers. This strategy was aimed at developing customer emotional attachment to the brand (Phaal et al 2011). Additionally, the profits would increase with the strategies aim of distributing many cars worldwide, than the previous strategy of selling cars to few core platforms.

Mixing Car Tires: Safe or Not?

Tires play a very important role in the control and handling of your car. Having proper wheels on your vehicle could make the difference between life and death, which is why tires that are old and worn out should be changed as soon as possible. When that time comes, one common question that car owners ask is whether it is safe to mix car tires or not.

Is Mixing Car Tires Dangerous?

Not all tires are created equally. They differ in terms of tread pattern, manufacturer, size, traction, speed and load rating, to name a few. Some are made specifically for winter, while some are for summer or all seasons. Each factor affects the way a tire grips and handles the road. This means that when you mix different tires in your vehicle, each one would have different tractions and handling, making it harder for you to control the car. Mixing tires could be dangerous especially in high speeds and less favorable road and weather conditions. So ideally, all four wheels should be replaced with identical tires at the same time in order to ensure that your car handling would be at optimum level.

What if I Only Need to Change 1 or 2 Bad Tires?

Car tires do not wear out evenly at the same time. If only one or two tires are seriously worn out or damaged, it would be expensive to replace all four. You will be forced to change just the bad ones and end up mixing tires. When that happens, consider the following options.

First option. When you need to replace only one or two of your tires, choose the replacement tires with exactly the same manufacturer, dimensions, materials, tread patterns, and other details as your original tires. This is the next best thing if you can’t replace all four at the same time.

Second option. If for whatever reason, the first option is not possible, choose tires that are as close as possible to the original tires in terms of performance category like speed rating, handling, and traction.

Last resort. If the only available replacement tires do not match your original tires at all, then you have no choice but to use those with different performance characteristics. However, you only do this in an emergency, as a last resort, because unmatched tires can negatively affect your car’s handling and may cause accidents and injuries. Use these temporarily only and make sure that you have the tires replaced as soon as the appropriate tires are available.

Generally, mixing car tires is not advisable, but it is acceptable, as long as the replacement tires are almost, if not exactly identical with the original and the rest of the tires. It would be best to consult your car manufacturer for recommendations or a tire expert for dependable advice before mixing your tires.


Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.



Get The Best Loan For You Who Have No Or Bad Credit Score!

If you are having bad credit or no credit, you may consider how you will survive this month when you are strapped for money. You don’t need to stretch over that, there is a way to deal with get loans in simple way and enhance your credit history properly by simply doing a little research and course of action. Regardless, not everyone comprehends about how to get a development properly and get prepared for the development with bad credit. In this way, today I will give you a precise aide on the most capable strategy to enhance your credit score, get the trusted bad credit loans and control your financial. I prescribe you to visit for the most ideal approach to locate the trusted bad credit loans company.

The first step is making a point to arrange your credit reports from three noteworthy credit report company. Your credit report will give you detail of your financial conditions and your capacity to get loans. You can check your credit report and find any error and enhance your credit score. The three noteworthy credit associations will give you free report once consistently, you may moreover pay for your credit score. Pay all your portion for different bills, thusly your credit will enhance and ensure you can get advantage from your credit score. Check your insurance agency and check their financial organization, a will’s rate offer organization to your financial and help your with crediting score.

The accompanying step is doing a couple stages to get advance if you have no credit. Make sure to open bank account to open your financial standing to the world. Thusly, you will have the capacity to improve to fabricate your credit history and put base of your development. By then, you will require a duplicate of your new bank proclamation and other record, for instance, employment history, paid bills and various different archives. Thusly, you will have the capacity to persuade your moneylender that you are equipped to make portion for your loans. I prescribe you to get a cosigner to help you to share obligation of your development portion. Regardless, cosigner is gets huge danger of their credit score in case you are not paying properly.

The next step is met your loan specialist. You ought to set up your record and present to the loan specialists. You may need to set up a development application and credit application letter. When in doubt, you ought to give essential information about you including your government managed savings number, income, expenses and savings. Make without question to bring printed copies of financial report moreover give the employment proof and information about your housing. Make a point to set up some inquiry regarding the credit enhance your way to deal with comprehend the development besides persuade the bank that you will comprehend the loans term and understanding.  Check for more information.

Then you need to rebuilds your credit properly. Make a point to get secured credit card and set up steady reimbursement history, make a point to get the credit card that gives you the most lessened expenses and rates. Make a point to make progress and credit card portion on time. Along these lines, you will have the capacity to assemble higher credit.

Repair and Keep up Your Transmission Fittingly

The most edifices, fundamental besides noteworthy piece of your car engine is a car’s transmission. Competent to powerfully change the turn of your engines, your transmission give productive vitality conveyance to your wheel. Thusly, your car will have the ability to begin smoothly and will achieve the highest turn and speed at top apparatus. In any case, in light of the way that the transmission is puzzling a portion of your car’s engine, your transmission is defenseless against a huge amount of wear and tear. Today I will give you a deliberate guide on the most capable method to distinguish the issue of your transmission and how to repair your car legitimately.

The main step is recognizing the issue of your car transmission. Right when your car transmission is harmed or need maintenance, it will show a couple of side effects that exhibits the mischief. The side effects are including transmission slipping between riggings or eventually your transmission will pop back to nonpartisan. An other symptom is an abnormal pounding or thumping commotion when you put the rigging on impartial. Smoldering smell may in like manner create if your car’s transmission is harmed. A substitute manifestations is dragging grasp, crushing and concede between rigging change.

The following step is conveying your car to the trusted and dependable car repair shop that practices to the transmission repairs. Check that you pick the right transmission repair shop that capable to give tried and true repair and astonishing result. Check the certification and permit of their technician before you depend your car to them. Make a point to do some examination on a couple transmission repair shop to guarantee that you get the best way of administrations. I endorse you to visit transmission repair administrations in Columbus for the best transmission repair for your manual car.

The following step is getting some information about the issue of your transmission. Thusly, you will have the ability to fathom what isn’t right with your transmission and what kind of repair that should be performed. You may in like manner request that how keep the issue keeps coming later on.

The initial step is checking the viscosity of the oil you require. For the most part, viscosity on oil are documented with the regular “XW-XX”, W is stands for winter. The number going before “W” is the ability of the oil to stream at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore the lower the number the less it thickens in icy. The second x or number after “w” is shows oil viscosity measured at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, or demonstrating the resistance of oil at high temperature. For instance, 21W-30 oil will disperse at higher temperature quicker than 21W-60. Pick the right oil agreeing the viscosities required for your vehicle.

The following step is picking the kind of oil. You can decision conventional oil that normally utilized as a part of mass at dealership. This kind of oil is the least expensive oil you can get and adhere to Programming interface and SAE standard, however this sort of oil are giving the most basic feature. This kind of oil is useful for new or low mile engines on your vehicle. The following step is premium conventional oil; this sort of oil is the new car oil standard that gives you more than conventional oil. Premium conventional oil offers you more added substance bundles to guarantee that your engine will pick up advantage from the oil.

The other kind of oil is full-synthetic oil or fully synthetic diesel oil. This sort of oil normally made for high-tech engines and has superior, longer enduring execution and have great viscosity index. Be that as it may, this kind of oil is more costly than conventional oil and at some point is not perfect with some engine. Ensure that you utilize your proprietor’s manual as a guide and don’t utilize this sort of oil if your manual guide doesn’t say as much.

For more information about the best way to keep your vehicle running smoothly, especially diesel car, you can simply diesel repair Buckeye. You will be able to improve your engine, protect your transmission and also make your car have long usage time, you will be able to use it until you are aging.

2016 Skoda Superb spotted in India: A preview by

The new Skoda Superb is all set to be launched in India. It is being launched with five petrol engines and three diesel motors. It also provides an optional all-wheel drive system based on 5th generation Haldex system. The new Skoda Superb keeps much of the overall design from the current car; however it is slightly longer and wider than the current variant. It also gets a new bumper.


Skoda Superb External:

The Czech automaker has introduced bi-xenon headlamps and daytime LEDs in the Superb sedan. The overall profile remains the same in the sides but it has revised the design for the alloy wheels. At the rear side it has got C shaped LED tail lamps. The rear bumper is also redesigned.

Skoda Superb Internal:

Most of the internal design remains unchanged. However, the company has replaced the present steering wheel with a sportier three-spiked version. Also one can expect new features which include a revised touch screen infotainment system and revised Skoda logo.

Skoda Superb Engine:

The new Skoda superb will be offered with five petrol engines and three diesel motors. The petrol variant comprises of 1.4 TSI with 125 PS power and a torque of 200 Nm, 1.4 TSI with a power of 150 PS and a torque of 250 Nm, 1.8 TSI with an output power of 180 PS and 250 Nm of torque, 2.0 TSI comes with 220 PS power and 350 Nm of torque and 2.0 TSI with a power output of 280 PS and a torque of 350 Nm. The Diesel variant offers 1.6 TDI engine with a power of 120 PS and a torque of 250 Nm, 2.0 TDI with 150 PS of power and a torque of 340 Nm and 2.0 TDI with an output power of 190 PS and a torque of 400 Nm. Skoda also will provide an optional all-wheel drive system. As for gearbox, Skoda offers the 6-speed DSG automatic, 7-speed DSG automatic, and a 6-speed manual. The 2016 Superb would be presented in both front-wheel-drives as well as all-wheel-drive options.

Skoda Superb Features:

It comes with features like dynamic chassis control (DCC) with driving mode select, three-zone automatic climate control, Bi-Xenon headlights, touch screen infotainment, seven airbags and an optional rear side airbag. High speed internet access based on LTE, electronic stability control (ESC), emergency brake function, electronic tire pressure monitoring system, heated seats, adaptive damper, three drive modes, 18 inch alloys and umbrellas stored in the front doors are the other expected features.

Skoda Superb price and competition:

The pricing is expected to start from Rs.23 Lakhs. It surely gives a tough competition to its rivals like VW Passat, Honda Accord, Audi A3 and the Mercedes-Benz GLA.


More about Hyundai Xcent in India visit: and also check out Bajaj V in India visit:


Hybrid cars: The Future of automobile industry

Invention and innovation are the two words that truly describe to=he automobile industry. The recent pleasant change in the vehicle industry is the introduction of hybrid cars. These alternative vehicles are the need of the time. The future of the vehicle world belongs to hybrid and electric car. The advent of the electric car was a breakthrough for a vehicle industry, though the previous models of such cars were costly and it was far from the reach of common men. But with constant development and growth, the electric car has inculcated lots of improvement in its performance as well as in its maintenance.  It is expected the in near future there will be more concept cars on the road than conventional automobile running on gasoline. Almost all the brands are now designing LPG and hybrid car for various models, it shows the inclination of the market towards the hybrid cars.  The demand of hybrid car is higher in the European market, especially in London. One of the easiest and economical way to find your dream hybrid car is to search it online. There are many online as well as local car dealers offering pre-used cars at affordable price. Don’t let the high price of fresh and new car restrain you from buying a car of your choice, you can easily find pre-used, well-maintained automobile. There are many online car portals selling conventional as well as hybrid cars. There one can easily find LPG, hybrid, eco and electric cars.


Whether you wish to buy used car or wish to sell your hybrid car at a profitable price, visit online car buying and selling portals. Designed to help the buyer as well as the seller, such platform is easy to use, interactive and smooth in functioning. One of the best feature of such platforms is there you can quickly browse the car world brand wise.

Your search for cheap second hand electric car could come to an end now. Unlike its traditional counterparts, the hybrid car does not run on gasoline. The high price of fuel and the lurking danger of global warming due to excessive use of petrol and diesel cause great damage to the environment.


Good for your budget and environment, the hybrid cars are on its way to capture the big part of the automobile industry in the coming years. For those who are skeptical about the performance of these cars and find it hard to decide whether to invest in brand new LP or electric car should buy pre-used car first, once they are satisfied with its performance they could plan to buy a brand new electric car.

Grassroots Innovation – Small Diesel Engine for Motorbikes

Mansukhbhai Sanchaniya Suthar of Gujarat, India owns an automobile service centre and he has around 40 years of experience in repairing diesel engines. He has also worked as a lathe operator for a few years in a manufacturing company. His vast experience with diesel engine made him to take up the challenge of making a smaller diesel engine than what he saw at an exhibition. In order to develop the engine Manshukhbhai tried various combinations of materials and many times they used to burn out of excess heat. However, his hard work and dedicated effort paid off and he was able to develop a small 3.5 hp four stroke diesel engine.

Features and advantages of the grassroots innovation

This compact diesel engine is just half in size as compared to other conventional engines of similar ratings. The engine with its volume of 205 cubic cm is capable of generating 3.5 brake horse power at 4500 rpm.

Manshukhbhai has used special aluminum alloy for some components of the engine like engine block and cylinder head which makes the engine just one third in weight as compared to the other conventional diesel engines. So, it also has a higher strength to weight ratio.

The machine has an improved cooling system and it require less lubricants to operate.

This diesel engine can be used in motorbikes because of its compact size and light weight. When tested on a bike, the engine gave a mileage of 100 km per liter.

Apart from two wheelers, this diesel engine can be used in pumps, mini-flours mills, elevators etc.

Support and recognition of the small diesel engine

Manshukhbhai is well known for his skills, knowledge and experience in his area. Some diesel engine manufactures use to call him for his suggestions in developing better diesel engines and solving other R&D problems. His innovative diesel engine appeared in regional newspapers.

National Innovation Foundation, India (NIF) also recognized his innovation and has awarded it in its biennial national competition for unaided green grassroots innovations and traditional knowledge. Manshukhbhai has received a certificate of appreciation from NIF’s sister organization SRISTI. NIF has also funded him in the development and testing of the prototype of his innovation. Manshukhbhai is sure that the engine can be developed at a cost of Rs. 12000.

SoCal Beaches Magazine Featuring the Best Classic Cars in California


When it comes to California beaches it is only natural to think of classic cars, woodies, hot rods, The Beach Boy’s, surfing, palm treees and of course some of the most beautiful swimsuit models and swimwear models in the world.

SoCal Beaches Magazine ( has just launched a new blog website that showcases the best classic cars, hot rods, woodies, muscle cars and vintage cars in California. The new website blog is

Photographed along the beaches and coastal communities in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, these custom classics are showcased on some of the best beaches in California.

“We have photographed hundreds of the best classic cars in California and the country and we are dedicating a website to showing these amazing cars to Internet visitors from all over the world”, said SoCal Beaches Magazine spokesperson Mark Fitzgerald.

“SoCal Beaches Magazine has been showcasing the best beaches, action sports, car shows, swimsuit models and classic cars and we now have a place to dedicate thousands of photos and hundreds of videos”, Fitzgerald continued.

SoCal Beaches Magazine showcases popular classic car shows in La Jolla, Huntington Beach, Mission Bay, Encinitas and along the Southern California coastline. The cars include some of the best chevy’s, ford’s and more. Some of the more popular models include woodies, Bel Airs, Packards, Mercury’s, Pontiac’s, Corvette’s, and a host of some of the best cars ever built by American companies.

“We are lucky to have photographer Sean Callahan working as one of our main photographers at car events and photo shoots”, Fitzgerald went on to say “Sean has photographed some of the best classic cars in the country and this new website will showcse much of his work.” “In addition he is also a great fashion photographer and has created a real niche for SoCal Beaches Magazine showcasing sexy swimsuit models and classic cars along the beach”, Fitzgerald continued.

To see some of the best classic cars and hot rods in california showcased along the beaches of Southern California check out the SoCal Beaches magazine website at and the new website blog at or visit the main website at

SoCal Beaches Magazine
“Covering the beaches of Southern California”

Diesel Engine Principles For Beginners


Diesel engine principles are pretty straight forward for the experienced mechanic but what about regular everyday people who have never taken the time to find out more about a diesel engine and how it works?

I am going to explain in layman terms the basic principles of a diesel engine.

What is the difference between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine?

The first thing you should know is a gasoline engine and a diesel engine are totally different. A gasoline engine is constructed much lighter than the heavier built diesel engine. The gasoline engine runs on a air and fuel mixture combined with a high energy spark that is timed to ignite inside each engine cylinder at the precise time creating power and torque turning force which drives your vehicle.

A diesel engine uses high compression intake air that is compressed into a very small space inside each cylinder causing extreme heat. This is called heat of compression which ignites a very fine high pressure mist of diesel fuel that is injected into each cylinder at the exact time.

So you now know that a gasoline engine needs a high energy spark to run while a diesel uses heat of compression. The four stroke principle in all engines run on four strokes or four cycles, both these terms mean the same.

Here is how the four stroke diesel engine operates. The four strokes are intake, compression, power and exhaust.

The pistons, valves and injectors work together in each cylinder in a set sequence over and over.

Intake stroke. Intake valves in the cylinder head open allowing pressurized air to enter each cylinder while the piston is traveling downward. The pressurized air supply is made possible by the turbocharger which pushes air into the intake system giving the diesel engine a boost of air to keep up with instantaneous injection of fuel.

Compression stroke. When the piston starts to move upward the valves close which traps the intake air in the cylinder and allows compression to take place. The heat of compression is reached when the piston reaches the top of the cylinder, the diesel fuel is then injected into the cylinder at the precise time.

Power stroke. After injection takes place an explosion occurs in the cylinder because of the combination of heat and atomized diesel fuel. This causes the piston to be forced downward which produces torque and the horsepower required from a typical diesel engine.

Exhaust stroke. After the power stroke the piston moves upward once again while the exhaust valves open allowing the previously ignited gases to escape to the atmosphere out the exhaust system.

As mentioned before each cylinder goes through this exact sequence over and over in a set firing order. For instance, a 6 cylinder diesel engine has a firing order 1 5 3 6 2 4 This is the order that each cylinder goes by, following the 4 strokes mentioned above.

This sequence has been engineered to allow the diesel engine to run smoothly with no imbalance.

Here is some diesel engine trivia on high performance diesel engines. Fuel passes through the injector at speeds of nearly 1500 miles per hour, as fast as a jet plane at top speed. Fuel is injected into the combustion chamber in less than 1.5 milliseconds, the same time it takes for a camera flash to go off.

The minimum amount of fuel injected into a diesel engine is one cubic millimeter, about the same volume as the head of a pin. Volkswagen has developed a one liter diesel powered car that got 100 kilometers out of .89 liter of fuel, 60 miles on less than one quart of fuel.

There is much to learn about diesel engines and a ton of information online. If you have ever considered buying a vehicle with a diesel engine you have my blessing.

The extra cost will be to your benefit, so I recommend finding out more about diesel engines before you decide which one to choose.

I hope you have found this information on diesel engines helpful.

Getting A Boat Loan Modification or RV Loan Modification

With the current economic climate, a boat loan modification or RV loan modification might be necessary for many individuals who have come under fire and are unable to stay on top of the monthly payments. While there are naturally some warnings of when the economy is going to tank, the truth is, it is very difficult to predict these types of ups and downs and market corrections over time. At any moment, the economy can fluctuate and cause all manner of problems for those individuals who are dependent on a steady income in order to pay their bills. In this case, it might be necessary to look into contacting your bank or financial institution in order to compromise on that monthly payment and maybe get a boat loan modification or RV loan modification in the same way that you might renegotiate the payment on an automobile.

While it is not unheard of, it is not nearly as common as dealing with a car dealership. Nonetheless, financial institutions such as banks and finance companies are not in the business of repossessing vehicles only to resell them to someone else. They would much rather work with the original owner and try to keep the existing loan going as long as possible, even if it means compromising or renegotiating for a lower price and better terms. While it is unlikely to think that you can reduce the overall cost of the vehicle, you can certainly hope to emerge from negotiations with more friendly terms and a reduced interest rate in many cases. Since banks and lending institutions would much prefer not to have to repossess and then deal with the entire resell process in each and every single individual case, you can sometimes be surprised at how quickly they will come to the negotiating table and make all manner of concessions in order to keep you paying and keep you utilizing your boat, RV or other automobile.

Basically, the procedure is rather simple. With the utilization of a third-party program, you can contact your bank or financial institution and work on an RV loan modification or in the case of watercraft, a boat loan modification that is easier for you to deal with and makes the monthly payment far simpler to pay. Simply reducing the interest rate or extending the length of the loan while reducing the individual payments can make a tremendous difference for those who are having problems making ends meet. In many cases, the bank is more than happy to come to terms that are friendly enough to keep individuals in a vehicle that they might otherwise have to get rid of. Keep in mind, the bank wants you to keep the boat, RV or automobile that you have purchased with their help so that they do not have to enter it back into inventory and go through the entire resell process all over again. By making the effort to obtain a boat loan modification or recreational vehicle loan modification, you’re actually doing the bank a tremendous favor and ensuring that you do not backslide and wind up having your vehicle repossessed.

Both Exotic and Luxury Cars for Rent in Beverly Hills Are Available In Plenty


Wish to experience the exuberance and speed of some of the most exclusive vehicles at an affordable rate? If yes then try out the different luxury and exotic cars for rent at Beverly Hills.These car rentals can offer an unprecedented satisfaction level with respect to the car rental experience as a whole. Imagine taking a ride at the Mercedes G550 and touring the beautiful tourist destinations at Beverly Hills. The car rental professionals here are highly enthusiastic and friendly too and it definitely is a no brainer.

Make the touring experience more memorable

The car rental companies in Beverly Hills provide an ultimate range of cars varying from luxury stretch limousine to the sporty convertibles. For instance if a person decides to rentMercedes G550 for rent in Beverly Hills then they can roll the windows up, enjoy accelerating the vehicle while people watching and staring at their car with surprise along with wondering who is behind the wheels. For making the experience all the more memorable, they can click photographs while having a wonderful ride in the super classy car.

Car rentals both for pleasure and business

Be it for pleasure or business purpose, both exotic and luxury cars for rent in Beverly Hills are available in plenty.

  • For business- For people conducting business here, renting a luxury car is what they require for making a professional statement in the eyes of their clients and colleagues. The rental services can be availed either for a couple of days or weeks providing them reliable transportation whenever they require it and at the same time helping them in creating a good impression. It is highly favoured over depending on chauffeured or public transportation and the luxury cars for rent here are easy to secure akin to a standard rental vehicle.
  • For pleasure- For people visiting Beverly Hills for pleasure and excitement, renting exotic cars will be the right choice. Just imagine driving to the beach in an exclusive exotic vehicle? Isn’t it exciting? The feeling of the cool breeze blowing through the hair and changing to the high performance engine that is rumbling to life on the riders command will be amazing. This is living an admirable life!

No matter be the occasion business or vacation, the leading car rental companies in Beverly Hills have a wide range of luxury and exotic vehicles for their clients that will meet their needs definitely. Hence, whenever a person wishes to give himself a special treatment via driving an exclusive and classy car then rent one here because life truly is nothing until they rent a Mercedes G550 for savouring the experience to drive a high-speed vehicle. Car enthusiasts should experience the thrill to drive this car at least once in their lifetime. Beverly Hills car rental companies have a huge range of cars in order to help their clients to fulfil their desire and dream to drive a sophisticated car which is available within their budget. Try it to feel it.

Book on Production of Automobile Components & Allied Products


Automobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It recently touched 40 billion dollars revenue in India and is expected to touch the revemue of 100 billion dollars b y 2020-21. Auto components and allied products is directly dependent on the automobile industry.

Due to factors like availablity of qualified engineers (Second largest in the world), third largest investors base in the world, robulst banking infrastructure, presence of all the major OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers), India is fastly emerging into the global hub for auto component sourcing including engine components. This is really encouraging for the auto component manufacturers. India exports all over the world leading with Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, South America &  Australia. It offers comprehensive product range varying from Suspension & Braking Parts, Body & Chassis, Electical Parts, Engine Parts, Drive Transmission & Steering Parts etc.

India is home to primarily of all the major OEMS of the world like:-

1) North – Eicher, ICML, JCB,  New Holland, Hero Moto Corp, Honda Motorcycle, Honda SIELCars, , Maruti Suzuki,  Mahindra, Suzuki Motorcycles, Swaraj Mazda, Tata Motors, Yamaha

2) South – Volvo Buses, Ashok Leyland, BMW, Caterpillar, Daimler, Ford, Hindustan Motors, Toyota Kirloskar, TVS, Hyundai, Nissan, Renault, Royal Enfield, Same Deutz, TAFE, Tata Motors

3) West – Bajaj Auto, Skoda, Tata Hitachi, Volvo Eicher, Fiat, Force Motors, GM, John Deere, Mahindra, Mahindra Navistar, Man Force, Mercedes Benz, PSA, Tata Motors, Volkswagen

Indian auto component manufacturers offers comprehensive product range varying from Suspension & Braking Parts, Body & Chassis, Electical Parts, Engine Parts, Drive Transmission & Steering Parts etc.

Major Auto Component Manufacturers with Indian Foot Print

Some of the major auto component manufacturers with Indian footprint are:-

  1. Honda Foundry Co. Ltd
  2. Honeywell
  3. Robert Bosch
  4. Aisin Seiki Co
  5. BorgWarner
  6. Continental
  7. Valeo
  8. Visteon
  9. Yazaki
  10. Delphi
  11. Denso Corporation
  12. Eaton
  13. FAG
  14. Faurecia
  15. GKN
  16. Knorr Bremse
  17. Koyo
  18. Magna
  19. Magneti Marelli
  20. Mando Corporation
  21. Meritor
  22. Mitsuba Corporation
  23. NHK Spring
  24. Showa Corporation
  25. Sumitomo Wiring Systems
  26. Toyoda Gosei
  27. USHIN

This book offers complete overview of production of automobile components and allied products like engine parts, chassis, battery, tyres, silencer, shock absorber, auto lock, piston ring etc. It covers vaious topic like uses of various components in automobiles, materials used in automobiles, advancement in manufacturing, use of aluminium in automobiles, use of plastics in automobiles etc.

This book is highly recommended for entrepreneurs who want to enter into this line of business, researchers, professionals , libararies etc.

For more information, please visit  the official website of NIIR project Consultancy Services, that offers every bit of information about it.

How to Choose the Best Hid Kits for Your Car

HID stands for High Intensity Discharger and HID kits are used for upgrading a vehicle’s headlights. Some of the benefits of this modification include low power consumption and a better intensity of light. Many companies have recognized the worth of HID lights and therefore these lights are part of almost all new car and truck models. However, if you have an old car and would like to improve its performance then installing an HID conversion kit can prove to be a great modification. Buying these kits from a reputable car parts manufacturer is a good option to avoid legal issues and other reliability problems.

It has been found that HID lights produce up to 3 times more light than simple halogen bulbs which are factory installed. Furthermore, they require only 35 Watt power as compared to 55 Watt required by halogen bulbs. The technology used in these types of headlights is somewhat different and the functionality is optimized to bring about a positive change to your car’s performance. Reliable manufacturers provide waterproof and shockproof HID kits to their customers that can last for many years to come. Many people want to install these kits as they are not only cost effective but are also very easy to install.

There are some factors that contribute to overall good design and longevity of HID headlights. Keep these points in mind when you order your kits online. There are basically four types of HID car kits available on the market. These include single beam, hi/lo beam, telescope kit and bi-xenon kit. It depends on your requirements, budget and some other specifications to decide which of these kits to install. You may also want to read the specifications of different kits that come under all these types to choose the right one for your car or truck.

The brightness of light coming from these bulbs is measured in Kelvin or simply K units. HID kits are designed to produce double brightness as compared to halogen bulbs. They come in color variations ranging from white to blue. 5000K to 7000K is a common range of color temperatures used in the construction of HID lights. HID conversion kits are safe to use and manufactured by keeping in view the traffic rules regarding the intensity of car headlights and other legal issues. These kits come with complete instruction booklets to help you out through the process of installation.

Different car kits are provided by the aftermarket car parts manufacturers for different models. The best way to find out which car kit is best suited to your requirements is to conduct an online search. By using this method you can easily browse through a number of options available for the modification of your car’s headlights. You can also simply replace the bulbs with new ones made with xenon technology by finding out about the specifications of factory installed bulbs in your car. This way you can assure that the new headlights will work fine with no technical problems.

For all those automobile enthusiasts out there, installing HID kits in a car can be very beneficial as well as attractive. A generic HID kit is composed of three parts: bulbs, ballasts and igniter. When choosing HID lights for your car you can either go for a generic kit or individual parts depending on your requirements. You can search for these kits online and if you are able to find a package that comes with a good warranty period and easy to install parts, you can be assured that you have found an excellent deal. These kits are not only very popular but also a great option for upgrading your car as they also serve to enhance engine performance and overall operation.

Chevrolet Camaro – One of the Most Popular Cars for Modification in the Automotive History

The Chevrolet Camaro was a compact car introduced in North America by the Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors at the start of the 1967 model year as competition for the Ford Mustang.

Although it was technically a compact (by the standards of the time), the Camaro, like the entire class of Mustang competitiors, was soon known as a pony car.

Though the car’s name was contrived with no meaning, General Motors researchers found the word in a French dictionary as a slang term for “friend” or “companion.” Ford Motor Company researchers discovered other definitions, including “a shrimp-like creature” and an arcane term for “loose bowels”! In some automotive periodicals before official release, it was code-named “Panther”.

Four distinct generations of the car were produced.

Generation 1

1967 Sharing mechanicals with the upcoming 1968 Chevrolet Nova, the Camaro featured unibody structure. Chevrolet offered the car in only two body styles, a coupe and convertible. Almost 80 factory and 40 dealer options including three main packages were avaible.

* RS Package included many cosmetic changes such as RS badging, hidden headlights, blacked out grill, revised taillights and interior trims.

* SS Package included modified 5.7 L (350 in³) V8 engine (first 350 in³ engine ever offered by Chevrolet), also L35 396 in³ “big block” was avaible. SS featured non-functional air inlets on the hood, special striping and blacked out grill. It was possible to order both – RS and SS packages to receive RS/SS Camaro. In 1967 Camaro RS/SS Convertible Camaro with 396 in³ engine paced the Indianapolis 500 race.

* Z28 option code was introduced in 1966. This option package wasn’t mentioned in any sales literature so was unknown by most of the buyers. The only way to order Z28 package was to order base Camaro with Z28 option, front disc brakes, power steering and Muncie 4-speed transmission.

Z28 package featured unique 302 in³ “small block” engine, designed specifically to compete in the Club of America Trans Am racing series (which required engines smaller than 305 in³ and public availablity of the car).

Advertised power of this engine was listed at 290 hp (216 kW) while actual dyno readings rated it at 360 to 400 hp (269 to 298 kW). Z28 also came with upgraded suspension and racing stripes on the hood. It was possible to combine Z28 package with RS package. Only 602 Z28’s were sold.

Generation 2

The larger second-generation Camaro featured an all-new sleek body and improved suspension. The 1970-1/2 Camaro debuted as a 2+2 coupe; no convertible was offered and would not appear again until well into the third generation.

Most of the engine and drivetrain components were carried over from 1969 with the exception of the 230 in³ (3.8 L) six cylinder — the base engine was now the 250 in³ (4.1 L) six rated at 155 hp (116 kW).

The top performing motor was a L-78 396 in³ (6.5 L) V8 rated at 375 hp (280 kW). (Starting in 1970, the 396 in³ big block V8’s actually displaced 402 in³ (6.6 L), yet Chevrolet chose to retain the 396 badging.) Two 454 in³ (7.4 L) engines – the LS-6 and LS-7 – were listed on early specification sheets but never made it into production.

Besides the base model, buyers could select the “Rally Sport” option with a distinctive front nose and bumper, a “Super Sport” package, and the “Z-28 Special Performance Package” featuring a new high-performance 360 hp (268 kW) 350 in³ (5.7 L) cid V8. 1972

The 1972 Camaro suffered two major setbacks. A UAW strike at a GM assembly plant in Ohio disrupted production for 174 days, and 1100 Camaros had to be scrapped because they did not meet 1973 Federal bumper safety standards.

Some at GM seriously considered dropping the Camaro and Firebird altogether, while others were convinced the models remained marketable. The latter group eventually convinced those in favor of dropping the F Cars to reconsider, and Chevrolet would go on to produce 68,656 Camaros in 1972, the lowest production numbers for any model year.

Generation 3 1982

The 1982 model introduced the first Camaros with factory fuel injection, four-speed automatic transmissions (three-speed on the earlier models), five-speed manual transmissions (four-speed manual transmissions in 1982, and some 83-84 models), 15 or 16-inch rims, hatchback body style, and even a four-cylinder engine for a brief period (due to concerns over fuel economy).

The Camaro Z28 was Motor Trend magazine’s Car of the Year for 1982.


In 1985 Chevrolet introduced a new Camaro model – the famous IROC-Z, called after popular racing series. IROC-Z Camaro featured upgraded suspension, special decal package and Tuned Port Injection system taken from the Chevrolet_Corvette Third generation Camaros also had a suspension system that was more capable in corners than the previous generation.

The Camaro IROC-Z was on Car and Driver magazine’s Ten Best list for 1985.


* 1978-1981 5.7 L (350 in³) Small-Block V8 * 1982-1985 2.5 L (151 in³) Iron Duke L4 * 1982-1984 2.8 L (173 in³) LC1 V6 * 1985-1989 2.8 L (173 in³) LB8 V6 * 1990-1992 3.1 L (191 in³) 60 Gen II V6 * 1982-1992 5.0 L (305 in³) Small-Block V8 * 1985-1992 5.7 L (350 in³) Small-Block V8

Generation 4 1993

1993 began the fourth and last generation of Camaros, lasting through the 2002 model year. Production of the fourth and final generation was moved from GM’s Van Nuys, California assembly plant to one in Ste. Therese, Quebec in 1993.

Though the car would no longer be produced in the US, the new design which incorporated lightweight plastic body panels over a steel space frame, and a better suspension, further improved upon the Camaro line.

From 1993 to 1997 the Camaro was available with the LT-1 engine, the same Generation II small block V8 used in the Corvette, although in slightly de-tuned form.

In 1996, the long-discontinued “SS” option was resurrected and in 1998, the all-new LS-1 engine Generation III small block was offered on the SS and Z28 Camaros, marking the end of the Generation I small block V8 that had its roots in Chevrolet’s 265 in³ engine of 1955. Unfortunately, sales were below expectations, and production of the Camaro ceased in 2002. 1998

1998 saw a new head light design for the Camaro. The new design removed the previous recessed-light design present in the 1982-1997 Camaros. The faux air intakes on the hood were also eliminated. In addition the LT1 engine was removed and instead an LS1 in its place. Engines

* 1993-1995 3.4 L (208 in³) 60 Gen III V6 * 1995-2002 3.8 L (231 in³) 3800 Series II V6 * 1993-1997 5.7 L (350 in³) LT1 V8 * 1998-2002 5.7 L (350 in³) LS1 V8

2002 2002 marked the last year of the Chevrolet Camaro and was also the 35th anniversary for the Camaro. This milestone was celebrated with a special anniversary car modified from the factory by SLP. The anniversary package was only available on the SS (Super Sport).

Engine modifications were available in addition to the 325 hp (242 kW) engine which all Super Sports produce. Silver racing stripes down the hood and trunk lid made the car more noticeable than ever—especially against the Bright Rally Red paint (the only color available with the anniversary package).

The car also had the slogan attached to it “Leave a Lasting ImpreSSion” and had the logo embroidered in the seats. The car was only available as a convertible or with T-Tops. 3,000 Camaros with the anniversary package were produced for the United States and 152 for Canada.

Though production Camaros were never as fast as the flagship Corvette, the car cost less than half as much and was easily modified. If its frequent inclusion in automotive enthusiast magazines is any indication, the Chevy Camaro is one of the most popular cars for modification in the automotive history.

Throughout its history, the Camaro shared its internal body and major components with a sister car – the Pontiac Firebird.

Competition Landscape in India’s Automotive and Auto Parts Sector

The automotive sector is one of India’s largest and fastest growing manufacturing sectors. It is ranked the 11th largest passenger car producer in the world. In the category of motorcycles and scooters, India is ranked 1st and 2nd respectively. With India increasingly liberalizing its market place, many new joint ventures evolved, resulting in close to 2 dozen global auto manufacturers setting up shop in India.

The auto component segment is equally robust, supplying the entire range of parts required by the domestic automobile industry and currently employs about 250,000 people. Although small by global standards, this segment is growing rapidly as a result of its low costs and rising quality. Over 300 small and medium companies directly service the OEMs assembling vehicles in India. Downstream, close to 5,000 other micro firms are working for these Tier 1 suppliers, as well as for the replacement market

Competition in India

As a result, competition in India’s automobile and parts sector had been heating up in the recent years. Many global players in the automobile and parts industry have already set up presence in India. Most of them are through tie-ups with dominant local players, while some are done entirely on their own.

In the absence of strong competition in the past, the local car manufacturer Maruti Udyog Ltd (MUL) has virtually dominated the Indian automotive market in the passenger segments since the 1980s. As the automotive manufacturing sector rapidly evolved through the dynamics of open market and deregulation, many new joint ventures (both technical and financial) were formed between local players with leading global manufacturers. In 1982, MUL, then a wholly government-owned company, signed up a collaboration agreement with Suzuki of Japan to establish the volume production of contemporary models. Subsequently, the licensing regime was scrapped in 1993 paving way for 17 new ventures, of which 16 are now manufacturing cars

Since then, there has also been an emergence of new competition for higher value segments of the passenger car market. Hence, local players like MUL also began to face competition from new foreign car makers. Ford entered the mid-range market with the Ikon model in April 1998, a move which was followed by Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and Daewoo. Other players, Hyundai and Daewoo, have since improved their share of the passenger car market with new models

Market Share in the Automobile Sector
For the 4-wheelers segment, MUL/Suzuki dominates the automotive landscape holding a 33% share of the passenger car market in 2004/05. In the second place is Tata Motors, a local company, commanding 26% share, while Hyundai Motor ranked third with 15% share and the rest split amongst close to 2 dozen other manufacturers.

For the 2-wheelers segment, it remains quite a local dominant game but global players also have obvious presence in the market. Major players in this segment include Bajaj Auto, TVS Suzuki, LML Limited, Hero-Honda Motors, Yamaha Motor India, Kinetic Engineering, Maharashtra Scooters Majestic Auto, Kinetic-Honda Motors, Royal Enfield (India), Scooters (India), Greaves Ltd. Foreign manufacturers also have presence in India through their 100% owned subsidiaries, e.g. Honda Motorcycle, Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. M/s Honda Motor Co., Japan, Yamaha Motor, Japan. The largest player is Hero Honda Motors, accounting for 40% of market share, followed by Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor, which account for 27% and 18% respectively.

Market Share in the Auto parts sector

The auto parts sector in India is highly fragmented and yet to overcome quality related problems. Despite this, India has also managed to attract leading players in the auto parts manufacturing to locate in India. These players include Delphi Systems, Bosch, Visteon, Denso, Johnsons Controls, and TRW Automotive to name a few. As a result of such successful localization of these components, vehicles manufacturers started outsourcing more and more components rather than manufacture in-house. For example, GM expects to source more auto parts a year from India by 2008, increasing to US$1 B from US$120 B in 2007. Hence, local firms are encouraged to develop components and set up facilities. Whenever required, OEMs and these global tier 1 part makers supported through equity participation or technical collaboration etc

Competition in the International Market

Besides the competition observed amongst global players in the domestic India market. India as an automotive manufacturing country is also pitting against other competitors in the international market. In terms of exports of automobile, India is ranked 29th, while China, the other huge automotive factory ranked 17th. For exports of auto parts, India was 26th, while China came in 11th. The top country for exports of automobile and auto parts was Germany.

Automotive Industry and Other Sectors Generate Jobs in Chennai

Chennai is one of the most important metropolitan cities of south India. The infrastructural facilities in and around Chennai are of high quality. This has helped in the rapid development of the place which attracted large number of industries to this area. Large numbers of corporations have setup their offices in Chennai.  

Industries in Chennai

Automobile industry is a major contributor for the growth of the region. Other industries including information technology, tourism, hospitality and education have added to the economic betterment of Chennai. Just as all sorts of economic development create employment on large scale, the growth of the Chennai’s economy has created a large number of job opportunities in and around this important metropolis of southern India.

Chennai the capital of Tamil Nadu and a very important metropolitan city of the southern part of India it has ample scope of jobs for both fresher and experienced people. Job hunters from across the country come to Chennai to get satisfactory employment according to their profile. The automobile industry is one of the biggest employers of the region followed by IT, hospitality and tourism. Here goes a detailed discussion about the job opportunities in these sectors of Chennai.

Automotive Industry of Chennai

Chennai has attained a lot of marks in terms of industrial growth. Large manufacturing houses have established their factories in different parts of Chennai and nearby locations. This has helped in the concentration of large number of offices in Chennai. Among the various sectors that have contributed to the industrial growth of Chennai, the automobile industry holds a special position. It has remarkably performed well not only in India but also across the globe. Many globally acclaimed automobile companies have their origin in the state of Tamil Nadu and its capital Chennai. With growth of the automotive industry – job opportunities in Chennai has increased manifold.

Ashok Leyland is one such company which is based in Chennai having global acclamation by being the fourth largest manufacturer of buses globally. TVS Motors which is again one of the leading automobile brands that has got global appraisal is also headquartered at Chennai. Being originally based in Chennai there is a huge scope for getting jobs in the top management positions of these companies. Therefore, MBA graduates find a great incentive to hunt for jobs here. While the two leading automobile firms have headquarters in Chennai, there are many more such smaller firms that operate from the state of Tamil Nadu.

Besides these Indian brands of automobiles a large number of foreign companies have also established their production units in and around Chennai. Vehicle engineering firms like BMW, Caterpillar, Hyundai and Ford have manufacturing units in Chennai. Among other companies having operations in Chennai Royal Enfield, MRF, Mahindra and Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki are just few names. All these companies collectively employ a large number of individuals in various sections of their factories and offices. The presence of so many automobile companies makes it possible for the mechanical engineers to find jobs in these companies. A lot of marketing jobs are also created by the automotive industry of Chennai.

Jobs in the IT Sector of Chennai

Just like all other parts of India, information technology has found a lot of importance in the state of Tamil Nadu at large and in Chennai in particular. Some of the best IT solution firms have their origin from the south of India. Therefore, Chennai being an important city in south India, many IT solution companies have setup their offices in Chennai. IT jobs in Chennai have been equally supported by the various institutions in Chennai that provide education facilities for several subjects such as computer applications, software and hardware engineering, etc. Many companies such as Wipro, TCS, Capegemini, etc have their units in Chennai where there is huge opening for fresher and experienced candidates from different streams.

Jobs in Tourism and Hospitality Sector of Chennai

India is one of the economies of the world with the fastest growth rate for tourism sector. India receives a huge number of foreign tourists every year, which was approximately 6.9 million in 2011. The top 3 states that are mostly visited by the foreign tourists include Tamil Nadu. Hence, the tourism sector of Chennai is quite big. This generates job opportunities in Chennaieither directly in the tourism sector or in certain related sectors like hospitality. Large numbers of sophisticated hospitality services such as hotels, restaurants, etc have developed in Chennai. These create huge scope for the employment in Chennai’s tourism and hospitality sector.

Prolonging The Life Of Your Diesel Engine


Any individual who has to operate a diesel engine will know that unexpected repairs can both be costly and surprising. Diesel engines are created to give great operation only for a certain amount of time or a certain amount of miles. This determination is come to by the quality and type of fuel that is utilized, the specialized maintenance and the engine operation.

The majority of diesel engines now use a turbo charger to induce greater performance and efficiency out of the engine. Usually the average life of an engine is 60% taking into consideration the turbo charger or turbo used. Once this time frame has been reached, the engine should be replaced or rebuilt. To help get the most out of the life of the turbo, there are a few easy operating tips that you can do to help this along:

  1. Using the correct engine oil. The use of the manufacturer recommended engine oil is important. The engine oil will assist in lubricating the turbo. By utilizing a high quality fuel, you can help to ensure that the oil will give you the most it has to give to give you the best service it can until it is time to change oil and filter. The process of sampling oil can be used to assist in determining if the engine oil is giving the correct protection that is needed as well as letting you monitor the trends of wear and any contamination that could possibly happen.
  2. Allow engine to warm up completely. It is very essential that you allow the engine to completely warm up when it is started. This helps the different parts of the engine to begin reaching the operating temperature and helps it to get well lubricated.
  3. Allow engine to cool down completely. It is just as essential that you allow the engine to completely cool down prior to shutting it down. A lot of engine manufacturers offer an auto shut down feature to assist in making sure this is done. It is of VITAL importance that you never shut down the engine at any RPM that is above idle.

**The shutting down at a high RPM can and will cause the turbo to spin at many thousand RPM’s without any lubrication. The oil that has been contained in the turbo will get extraordinary hot and will in a way, cook the oil into the bearings and will cause critical oil block passages. This can really reduce the life of the turbo and will result in turbo failure really early. It can also result in much reduced efficiency and poor performance.

By following the above easy and simple tips, you can assist in increasing the diesel engine life and all of its components that go with it.

Business • Negotiation “Auto Loan Industry fuels market for auto loan modification,” says Auto Relief Group

According to Experian Automotive, a global leader in providing information and analytical tools, the U.S. automotive lending industry showed signs of stabilization during the third quarter of 2009. Experian throws light on the major lenders. While Toyota Financial Services topped the market share in the third quarter at 11.2%, followed by Chase Auto Finance at 11.1%, GMAC at 9.1% and Ford Motor Credit at 7.1% for new cars; on the other, Wachovia Dealer Services occupied the market at 5.7%, followed by Chase Auto Finance at 4.5%, Toyota Financial Services at 3% and Capital One Auto Finance at 1.8% for the used ones.

However, the cost of borrowing has risen for people with a low credit score of 500 to 589. Considering the still not so healthy economy with high rates of unemployment, foreclosures, late payments etc., the financial institutes do hesitate to approve loans for the risky borrowers.

Interestingly, Auto Relief Group (ARG), nations leading Auto Loan Modification Company, reports increase in their clientele. “Though the dark phase of recession affected everybody badly, a service that actually bloomed is ‘Auto loan modification’ service. Recession brought along many late repayments for auto loan, even repossessions in worst cases but those who didn’t want their vehicles to be repossessed thereby lowering their credit score took the refuge in Auto Relief Group. Apparently, the market for auto loan modification gets the fuel from auto loan industry as their  borrowers are the potential customers for loan modification if they lack enough funds to meet the EMIs,” said Jeffrey Taylor, director of Sales of ARG,

With over 15 years of experience, ARG has been helping Americans find the best way to lower their payments and keep their car, truck, boat or RV. They work directly with the auto lenders to obtain the best loan modification. This modification consists of extending terms or lowering interest rates to find the payment that works best for the individual.

“We’ve been successfully assisting our clients in lowering their monthly car payment by as much as 50%. Our options include loan modification of an existing automobile loan, equity recapture, trade up, sale or even vehicle refinancing for those individuals who are in danger of losing their vehicle to repossession. Since every situation is unique, only after consulting with the ARG professionals can you possibly determine what is best for you on an individual basis.” Jeffery signs off.

About Auto Relief Group:

Auto Relief Group was founded to help customers deal with their auto loan payments in time of need. Over the years each member of their team has developed a stellar reputation, and industry connections, allowing the company to quickly identify opportunities and act to assist the clients in their efforts to reduce their payment and keep their car, SUV or truck.

For more information on Auto Relief Group and its scope of services,





877 842-7667

Exotic 1932 Ford Roadster Rental Car in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hot-rodding is a popular American culture. The phenomenon was first covered by magazines. Glossy print names such as The Rodders Journal, Hot Rod Magazine, Street Rodder, Popular Hot Rodding, and Rod and Custom Magazine are just a few of the magazines that feature this staple activity in the American life.

In addition to print, hot-rodding likewise gained mileage in the visual wing of the media. Discovery Channel featured a lot of hot-rod documentaries such as Monster Garage, American Hot Rod, and Overhauling. And television shows such as My Classic Car and Horsepower TV also had dedicated episodes on topics about hot-rodding.

Tom Wolfe wrote about it in his book “The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby.” Even the Beach Boys sang about it in “My Little Deuce Coupe.”

Hot-rodding mostly began in the 1930’s in Southern California where people started modifying light cars with big engines and started racing them on the vast and empty lake beds northeast of Los Angeles. The original hot rods were old cars that were reduced to weigh less and improve aerodynamics.

After World War II, many small airports were abandoned in the country. In effect, these venues allowed hot rodders to race on marked courses. World War II also helped the hobby’s popularity especially in California where a lot of returning soldiers had been given technical training in the service to modify such cars.

At the heart of it all, the 1932 Ford Roadster was the car that every hot-rodder wanted. It was the car that changed the automobile industry forever. It was simple, lean and it had a coveted handsome body. It also had a very affordable engine, the V8, which rewarded the 1932 Ford Roadster with the reputation as the perfect car for a nation that was obssessed with speed.
But then just like like everything else, hot-rodding’s popularity started to wane. Car shows and drag racing divided the hot-rodding community. Then Detroit released muscle cars like the Plymouth Roadrunner and the Pontiac GTO. With these muscle cars, there was longer any need to put a Cadillac engine in a Ford Roadster. The Pontiac GTO could outperform any hot rod and it offered more passenger space. There was no longer any need to spend time to build and tune the car by oneself. The muscle cars had it all.

But today, the hot rod culture lives on. And in January 2007, hod rod culture even celebrated its 75th anniversary by releasing The 75 Most Influential “1932 Ford Hot Rods”. The list was commissioned by Ford where a panel of hot rod experts reviewed some four hundred seventy-four worthy cars and whittle it down to seventy-five cars.

So if you are interested to be part of the hot rod culture, I advise you to first try renting the car in one of Las Vegas car rentals. By renting it you would have a sample of experiencing the car, not just in some nostalgic showroom, but on the gravel itself. If you don’t like it, you won’t have any regrets because you can return it after renting. But if you like it (which I’m pretty much sure you will), then well and good.

Classic Car News: Top 10 Police Cars From Around The World

High speed chases, busy streets and out of control criminals are all things the police have to deal with on a  day to day basis, which is why they need power and speed to keep up with such a demanding pace. The Telegraph website reports that “from a Ferrari to a Smart Car, police forces around the world are spoiled for choice for fast cars when it comes to patrolling their patch”.

There is fierce competition for the world’s fastest police car with the “Italians and Germans vying for the title”, according to the Telegraph. Up until now the police “prix d’or” has been held by a Lamborghini Gallardo, which an “Italian police patrol is using on the Salerno-Reggio highway”. This superb car is capable of hitting a top speed of 192pmh, which is ample to keep up with the most reckless of motorists.

The Germans however have other ideas about the type of vehicle needed to outrun rogue road users, and have incorporated the Brabus CLS Rocket in their fleet. Rocket by name, rocket by nature; the Brabus has a twin-turbo SV12 S engine, which combines “maximum power with exquisite running smoothness and maximum environmental friendliness”, according to

Other countries that can boast having the addition of a super fast car in their fleet include the USA, where cops in South Carolina can be seen cruising around in a Dodge Viper, which has incredible straight-line performance, handling and quality. Austrian police patrol the streets in a Porsche 911, after results proved that the countries motorists are “reluctant to take them on”, reports the

Britain can show it can keep up with European competition for the world’s fastest police car, with the likes of Sussex Police Force’s latest recruit – a 148mph Lotus Exige. “Dressed in full police uniform and with a set of flashing lights on the roof, it is Britain’s fastest police car and can hit 60mph in only 4.1 seconds”, according to Boy racers across the country should be shaking in their driving boots, with this £35,000 cop car that can keep up with most supercars cross-country. Although this super speedy automobile would be great to creep up on unexpected speeding motorists, the idea behind having this addition is to encourage young people to drive responsibly and safely.

British police cars might not be the fastest, but the four Smart Cars used by Scotland Yard are the “greenest with the lowest carbon emissions”, according to the Telegraph website.

Ferrari Car Rental Service In Las Vegas, NV

Elite luxury car rentals in las vegas you can always expect to get the very best luxury car rental. Our focus is constantly on providing you the best customer service in the industry, and we work together as a unit to ensure a memorable rental experience.

Elite Exotic Car Rental provides the finest in exotic luxury car rental las vegas. Elite focuses on providing the best customer service in the business and strives to make your car rental experience as memorable as possible. We only rent high end exotic and luxury cars that are in pristine condition. Our rental cars are all maintained by authorized dealerships. Our rental cars are year 2011 or newer.

You might be familiar with the airport car rental process in Las Vegas. After getting off a five hour flight, you get on a bus to reach the car rental company that is located 15 min away from the airport, and then have to wait nearly an hour or more to get what’s available. Apart from that, you also get harassed at the rental counter for more than 15 min for buying an insurance that’s costlier than the rental fee. Finally when you reach the car you find the condition of it deplorable.

Now you can forget all that. We are a whole lot different. If you would like to experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous, if you’re looking to impress everyone and want to enjoy an exciting drive on the Las Vegas strip in an exotic automobile, just call us!

Ferrari Car Rental Las Vegas

The Ferrari California T epitomises the sublime elegance, sportiness, versatility and exclusivity that have distinguished every California model since the 1950s. It is a car brimming with innovation that will more than meet.The expectations of discerning clients for whom fun behind the wheel is a priority, but who also demand a sumptuously comfortable Grand Tourer they can use every day.


A completely new engine that, in a world first, combines the instantaneous response to commands, blistering performance, impressive torque and signature sound typical of a conventional Ferrari power unit with the fuel efficiency of a turbo.

FERRARI 458 / $1,895 1 DAY RENTAL


Every Ferrari is the result of an uncompromising design approach that integrates styling and aerodynamic requirements. The 458 Italia’s volumes have been honed to a compact and aerodynamic shape by Pininfarina and the Ferrari Centro Stile with the themes of purity, simplicity, technology, efficiency and lightness underpinning the concept. It is unmistakably a Ferrari, incorporating the characteristics that have become a signature of every car that leaves Maranello. Yet it is also clearly a significant leap forwards from the sporty mid-rear V8 cars that preceded it.

Hamann modified BMW Art Car M4


It is extremely difficult task to want a foothold in the Geneva Motor Show, especially if the car problem is not a super car. However, the tuning company Hamann because of its one-time BMW Art Car M4 and managed to put on display on the exhibition stand. Create collaboration with designer Timo Wuerz, Hamann art car models M4 is eye-catching. Germany’s largest national subscription daily newspaper, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, once said Timo Wuerz as “Rock Star Comics Scene” designer, choose Hamburg as his city, individualises automobiles and household items, put them into unique works with his unique Touch. Because color shrine of art engine structure “M” logo as a source of inspiration. Designed for Hamann sports, Wuerz created outbreak of explosive energy, setting the stage for a perfect concept car features. This work was transferred to the car’s advanced printing and packaging. Although the standard BMW M4 from its twin turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder in pump out an impressive 425 horsepower, while Hamann wants more power from its art car. The result is 517 horsepower between 1800 and 5500 rpm and 700 Nm of torque it has been lifted to the peak power. As a representative of a high-performance SUV models, the BMW X5 M with powerful motivation level has captured the hearts and minds of many fans, but modified Manhart from Germany but that this car is still room for improvement, so will raise its power level to 700 horsepower. Increase in power thanks to Manhart BMW X5 M 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engines prepare a new whole section stainless steel sports exhaust system with ECU tuning in to the maximum power increased from 575 horsepower to 700 horsepower. In addition to the power upgrade, Manhart also associate a sports car short springs from H & R, and 22-inch BBS wheels and SV Series brand Vredestein Ultrac Vorti series of high-performance tires. In addition, the car’s Awron monitor can help owners understand boost the value of theEngine Parts. Vorsteiner for the BMW 5 Series sedan released a new tuning kit, known as F10. The new styling modifications brought a series of improvements, no performance tuning. At least so far. First of all, thanks to alpine white exterior stands out is completed, and Vorsteiner V-FF102 alloy wheels and carbon graphite is the next place to get your attention. They completed a clean, elegant body finish, while the other part, is made of carbon fiber, add a good sense of touch. There are front spoiler and rear diffuser. On the interior, no details about any style of improvement. Carbon fiber components both lightweight and attractive, matching dark complete wheels. In size, the new V-FF102 wheel measuring 20 inches in front of 9.5, followed by 10.5 inches wide.

Global and China Automotive Audio and Infotainment Industry Report, 2009-2010

The factory OEM market is dominating the global auto audio industry while aftermarket mainly refers to changing audio cassette into CD player. Consumers will seldom modify the audio system if it is already a CD player. In 2009, the global auto audio industry still centered on the factory OEM market while the aftermarket only occupied 14.4% of the entire market scale. The global auto audio market is maturely developed, so there is small growth space for this market and the price keeps falling. It is estimated that the market size of auto audio during 2010-2012 will not experience a substantial increase, nor will the market size of auto audio aftermarket.

The auto audio in China is also led by the factory OEM market with the major manufacturers of auto audio covering Fujitsu-ten, Siemens VDO, Mobis Shanghai, Delphi, etc., of which, Fujitsu-ten enjoyed the largest shipment in 2009 with the market share reaching 15%.

Automotive Infotainment is a kind of equipment combining both automotive information system and entertainment system. In 2009, the global shipment of auto Infotainment was decreased, mainly owing to the declined demand of premium automobiles worldwide. The global shipment of auto Infotainment is mainly concentrated in Japan, European Union and North America, wherein, the shipment of auto Infotainment in Japan in 2009 accounted for 32.6% of the global total shipment.

In the factory OEM market of auto Infotainment, the manufacturers that possess more than 10% market shares include Continental, Becker, Denso and AisinAW, while in the aftermarket, the ones with over 10% market shares cover Pioneer, Panasonic, Becker, Blaupunkt, and Alpine.

The manufacturers of automotive Infotainment in China are primarily composed of foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures, of which, the foreign-funded enterprises approximately occupy 50%, the joint ventures about 40%, and Chinese local enterprises only 10%.

Table of Contents

1 Global Automobile Industry and Market

2 China Automobile Industry and Market

2.1 Recent Development
2.2 Brand Pattern
2.3 Sales Data
2.4 Export
2.5 Financial Status Quo of Major Automobile Groups

3.1 Profile
3.2 Industrial Mode & Function
3.3 Development History
3.4 Status Quo
3.5 TELEMATICS in China
3.6 Market and Industry

4 Market and Industry of Auto Audio System
4.1 Profile
4.2 Industry Chain
4.3 Market
4.4 Market Share of Global Manufacturers
4.4.1 Factory OEM Market
4.4.2 Major Suppliers & Proportions
4.4.3 Aftermarket
4.5 China Auto Audio Industry and Market
4.5.1 Auto Audio Manufacturers and Whole Vehicle Manufacturers
4.5.2 China Auto Audio Market
4.5.3 China Auto Audio and Infotainment Industry

5 Auto Infotainment Industry and Market
5.1 Industry Chain
5.2 Market
5.3 Market Share of Global Major Manufacturers
5.4 Supply Proportions of Global Auto Infotainment Manufacturers and Automakers
5.5 Market Share of In-vehicle Communication

6 Global Auto Audio & INFOTAINMENT Manufacturers
6.1 Harman International
6.2 Continental Corp.
6.3 Pioneer
6.4 Foryou Group
6.5 Alpine
6.6 Clarion
6.7 Delphi
6.8 Visteon
6.9 Hangsheng Electronics
6.10 Panasonic
6.11 Fujitsu Ten
6.12 Aisin Seiki
6.13 Denso
6.14 Panyu Juda Car Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.
6.15 Mobis
6.15.1 Mobis Shanghai
6.15.2 Hyundai AUTONET
6.17 Coagent Electronic S&T Co., Ltd.
6.18 Shenzhen Baoling
6.19 JVC Kenwood
6.21 BOSE

Pre-Owned Market to Lead the Auto Market Growth

India is a growing economy and own one of the largest car markets in the world. Rising income levels and easy finance options boosted in making Indian automobile industry the sixth largest globally.

According to the statics submitted by consultancy and market research firm Frost & Sullivan,2.5 million new cars were sold in India in year 2014 whereas used car market saw a hike with 3 million cars sold in the same year. Another report submitted by SIAM estimates that annual car sale for year 2015 could reach 5 million and over 9 million by year 2020.

The statistics clearly depicts that Indian automobile industry is growing fast at the rate of 15% that’s expected to be doubled in the next four years. Right now there are approximately 15,000 used car dealers in India out of which fewer than 1000 are organized. So, there’s a huge scope of improvement in the used car market.

 The overall ratio of new passenger vehicle sales to used passenger vehicle sales is estimated to be 1:3 in the developed market. However, in India the ratio is expected to be 1:1.3 by 2015.  All these reports suggest that the used automobile market is going to be fairly promising in coming years.

Decade ago majority of pre-owned car sales were customer to customer (among family and friends) on bases of circle of trust. But, current scenario has changed fairly with the presence of organized layer of dealers and technology. Furthermore, consumer needs have changed and innovation in technology is the major reason behind this robust growth.

Indian consumers have now defined the equation of used cars in a positive way. Pre-owned cars market offers great flexibility, wide selection, and easy transaction using online portals. This segment had become popular for three main reasons:

  • First car buyers can buy wide range of cars with advance technology at lower prices
  • Families looking to buy a second car often seek to buy used car as it is more economical option
  • With the change in lifestyle, customers who want to upgrade from 2-wheeler to 4-wheeler can do it easily without stretching their budget.

Also increased organization, online availability, lower rate of depreciation, easy financing, fair pricing and easy documentation have triggered the expansion of used car market.

Currently, there are many players in the auto market, making it difficult for the consumers to decide who is better. In-spite of huge list of online classifieds, buying used automobiles is still a sort of nightmare for Indian customers, as no one has been able to sooth the pain points of the buying and selling process.

The India’s first online marketplace for buying and selling automobiles Droom is making a lot difference with some of the unique features. With their Full-Circle trust, Buyer’s protection, Commitment Fee, wide selection, and listing from verified sellers only, droom is making online used car market more trustworthy and happening. Additionally, get droom discount offers to save on your purchase. Plus, they offer excellent automobile services at incredible prices. Visit or download droom mobile app for Android and iOS users.

Car Rust Treatment – How to Get Rid of Rust

Rust is like a disease of metal. When it attacks the metal becomes fragile and weak. A wrong notion about rust prevails among the mass. People often complain about rusting of metal, however, rusting takes place only on iron. Other metals may corrode, but do not rust.

It is a chemical reaction; iron gets oxidized to form a series of hydrated iron oxides. The reaction takes place in presence of water or moisture and oxygen.

Since automobile parts are mainly made of iron, they are very much susceptible to rust. Rusting car not only looks bad, but involves high risk of accidents as well.

Car Rust Treatment

Modern cars are generally equipped with better rust guard. But a lot of people buy pre-owned cars which were manufactured few years back. And there may be many old yet exotic cars in your possession. You need to take care of all the cars and keep them from rusting. Never be content with rust proof treatments that come with modern cars; make sure you apply your own car rust treatment to make your car rust free.

Organic rust remover and rust products help car owners remove rust from car. But how rusting begins?

How rusting begins?

A small hole or minor scratches on the body of the car can instantiate rusting. When the surface coating or the rust proof emulsion peels off, moisture, water and oxygen come into contact with the metal and rusting begins.

Since rust is bulky and porous in nature, it allows more amount of oxygen and moisture to penetrate inside. If the problem is not addressed timely, the entire metal body becomes rusty very soon.

Initially the small scratches may seem innocent; however, a small amount of rust spreads below the corrosion-proof emulsion. As it spreads and increases in volume, it pushes the coating off and exposes the metal to elements.
Stainless steel is often said to be a good alternative and used in mechanical and automotive parts manufacturing. Steel has the same strength as iron and is rust-proof. However, its anti-rust nature holds true as long the rust-proof coating is there. If a small amount of coating strips off somehow, rust kicks in.

How to handle small scratches on cars to prevent rust:

Treat the broken off part immediately. Apply any protective coating if you are unable to take the car to the mechanic. Before coating, dab rust removers on the surface as you never know whether rusting has already begun or not.

To touch up, look for the paints that match the paint code of your vehicle. Alternatively you can buy scratch repair kits that are helpful to repair minor to deep scratches. If you cannot find any solution, just apply a bit of nail polish over the bare metal; it will work for the time being.

You can also paste a film tape to ensure the bare metal cannot come into contact with water, moisture and oxygen. However, you need to repair the scratches and dents as soon as possible because the film tape is not a very powerful remedy.

To fight rust, you need to concentrate on how to keep your car in showroom condition. Hence, good maintenance is the key to keep your car from rust. Scratches, dents and damages often take place due to careless parking, so be careful while parking.

Save Time Hiring a Luxury Car

Hiring a luxury car is the best way of spending your vacation with comfort and elegance. All the site-seeing activities and attractions can be experienced on rental wheels. So whether it is a business trip or a fun voyage or just a leisure jaunt, do not waste your time and energy on roaming around in buses or cabs; instead opt for an amazing experience of life driving a luxury car in an exotic environment.


Making the Most Out of Your Vacation!

Hiring a car for a week or more would provide you with better discount offers and can help you save several bucks coming out of your pocket. The farther are the booking dates, better chances you have to grab a cost-effective hiring of a luxury car. It is very essential to plan before executing any vacation. This will not only become cost-effective but also you would be able to explore more destinations.


Car Leasing Back in Trend

The automobile industry is on an upward swing, not only due to its luxury sale volumes but also it is driven by the cost of leasing. The strategy of “pay as you go” is very common amongst manufacturers who are targeting rental techniques for vacation purposes. Citing rapid advancements in fuel, safety features and navigation have made hiring of the luxury cars a beneficial and affordable option for all.


Revitalized and Renewed Outlook for Luxury Cars

Leasing is the smart financial choice of several individuals. The luxury cars can be of diverse varieties from convertibles to sports car or electric cars; manufactures have an array of products for leasing options. Leasing car is the best option as it outrights your need of getting a luxurious experience and on the same way you can reach to your destination timely.


BUY VS RENT Scenario

Buying a luxury car is too expensive and people usually overspend too much on buying new vehicles. In buying luxury cars, you are likely to spend more on the wheels. Leasing overlaps to make your travel a cost-effective affair and gives you an exotic feel of comfort. It is noticed that the indulging in the cost of leasing your preferred luxury vehicle is cheaper of course than buying a new luxury vehicle which is not in your budget and becomes a loan commodity.


Save a Penny for Luxury Travel

Spending a lot on your transportation and doing saving for a new car on the other hand is a tedious process and one should avoid waiting for so long to experience a luxury travel. Choosing the best option of leasing will enhance your personality in front of others and this will also fascinate people.


The experience of sitting in the lap of luxury and making cherished memories is an exotic feeling of comfort and an amazing ride for life!

CRI-Research Report on Chinese Auto Beauty Industry 2011-2012 – At the beginning of the 1930s, the auto beauty and maintenance industry started in developed countries, and the automobile aftermarket began to take shape. After the Second World War, global economic development gives an impetus to the rapid growth of the automobile industry, and promotes the development of the auto beauty and maintenance industry at the same time.

Chinese auto beauty and maintenance industry rose in the 1990s. At the beginning of the 1990s, as automobile CD players and automobile alarms were introduced into China, Chinese auto beauty industry entered the first development stage; since wrapping leather seats and pasting tearing foil came into being in 1995, the second round of auto beauty fever in China appeared. With increasing Chinese automobile reserves especially for increasing private automobile reserves, Chinese customers begin to be familiar with the auto beauty and maintenance industry.

By the end of 2010, Chinese civil automobile reserves had been 40.29 million, increasing by 28.40%, among which 34.43 million were private automobiles with a 32.20% increase. In 2010, Chinese auto beauty market scale reached nearly CNY 100 billion.

The most significant characteristics of Chinese auto beauty market are small corporate scale, poor constant operating capacity and non-prominent brand advantages. Domestic auto beauty enterprises operate blindly to some extent, and investors own insufficient experience in goods channel, manipulative skill, daily management and business development. Few auto beauty enterprises, whether chain enterprises or independent ones, own a large scale and establish brands.

World-famous auto beauty brands such as Cinep and 3M have entered Chinese auto beauty market in recent years, and begun to establish chain business network. By contrast, Chinese domestic auto beauty enterprises are generally in small scales with poor competitiveness.

Survey conducted by China Research and Intelligence shows that Chinese private automobile owners are generally willing to spend CNY 3,000 or even more on auto beauty when purchasing an automobile, and will annually pay over CNY 2,000 for auto beauty in the following years. As Chinese automobile sales volume and reserves are rapidly increasing, Chinese auto beauty market sees a promising future.

To get more details, please go to

More information can be acquired from this report:
-Development of Chinese auto beauty industry
-Market competition of Chinese auto beauty industry
-Major enterprises in Chinese auto beauty industry
-Prediction on development trend of Chinese auto beauty industry
-Investment opportunities in Chinese auto beauty industry

Following people are recommended to buy this report:
– Auto beauty shops
-Automobile product manufacturers
– Automobile product traders
-Investors and research institutions concerned about Chinese auto beauty industry

Customize Your Classic Car – Paint Your Own Rims

Paint your own Rims? Who would have thought something previously done by professionals could be done in your own home.

While, the concept of painting your own rims has been around a few years now, many questions pop up of how to do it and I thought I would share my own experiences with painting my Integra stock rims. I have read up many examples of how to do this, but my first time trying was this year when I chose to refinish my winter rims. I was quite please with the outcome.

First, what the hell do you need to paint your rims? Paint of course 🙂 This is where Duplicolor comes in with their wheel paint. They offer paint colors to match your style coming in white, gunmetal, classic silver and bronze as well. I chose to do mine in gunmetal leaving my lip the stock polished style look. So here are your options:

So you chose your color, bought your paint and are semi-ready. First, you need to sand down your rims. Why? This gives the surface a rough texture so the paint has something to adhere to. Reference the article to polish your rims on how sanding of the rims works. The only difference with this is how far you want to go. In my case, being winter rims painted I chose not to go through the process of stripping the paint on the rims completely. I simply sanded down the surface with 300 grit sandpaper ensuring to make everything sanded equally. This gives the rough surface required for the paint to adhere, and as long as your rims had no damage it should be good enough.
Your rims are sanded; you have your paint and now are ready. First, make sure you clean all sanding dust off the rims and ensure a totally clean surface so the paint will stick and not flake off after your first drive out with your newly painted rims!!! Here are my rims washed and ready to completely dry before painting:

My rims are masked off with newspaper and masking tape. Of course you want to do this so you don’t turn your tires into the color you are painting. I don’t want gunmetal painted tires. Also if you look close enough, you will know that the lip has been masked off as well. So I carefully applied the masking tape on the lip to protect it from being painted as well. Also, you know the little thing you pump your air into, mask that off as well unless you want that to have a color change as well 🙂

The rims are dry, you have masked off what you don’t want painted and now you are ready. Put some newspaper on the ground and place the rim on top of the newspaper. You don’t want to paint the concrete underneath the rim so keep it clean with the newspaper.

Now apply your first coat of paint. Let the paint dry well and next day admire your handiwork and results.

Car Rental Hidden Payments

The car rental services are hiding the fees from you when they are giving the car on rent. No matter how cheap you find the car rentals there are some hidden fee you are going to pay to the car rental companies. The fee is not like airfare, where they are disclosing the taxes and fee upfront. So you need to be careful while paying for the car rent. You can avoid these hidden fees by following simple steps:

Luxury car rentals

Payment for extra driver: If you are planning to hire driver along with the car rental then you need to be careful about it. You must ask about the driver payment from the car rentals as they can charge you more than what you are actually going to pay to the driver if you hire it from outside car rentals. The best thing to do is to book the driver from the agencies that are providing the drivers.

Fine for returning the car early: You know that there is a fine when you return the car late but many of you didn’t know that there can be a fine if you are returning the car early. Some car rental companies have a clause in their contract about it. They make the point of breaching the contract by returning their car early from the scheduled date. So you must read the contract carefully before signing it.

Online Travel Agent Fees: If you are trying to rent the car from online travel agent service, the website is going to try to sell you its own car rental insurance. But you must avoid it as it will be charged more than regular insurance. There are many cases happened on the OTA where customer has taken the car insurance from them and later find out that the car he/she is going to rent, the insurance didn’t cover that model of the car. So he/she has to pay extra.

Sports Ground Taxes: In some countries there are laws that add taxes to fund the stadiums in car rental fees. So you have to be careful as there is no way out of it once you are signed in.

Road taxes: There are some charges on rented cars if you are renting in Europe as cost of vehicle permits and taxes to the consumers. These charges are unavoidable .

These are the few things that you can avoid if you want to spend less on car rental. TheExotic car rental Toronto services in Canada make sure you are familiar with all the hidden charges if you are looking to rent the car. Visit luxury car rental Toronto services to rent the exotic cars at reasonable prices.

How To Bleed A Diesel Engine Fuel Injection System


There are certain rules of thumb when it comes to learning how to bleed a diesel engine. There are dozens of different diesel fuel injection systems running around but the same principle applies to all of them. The main principle is removing the air out of the fuel system. Check out this scenario below.

So you find yourself driving down the road and suddenly your diesel engine starts to knock, lose power and pump out a bunch of white smoke. Finally it dies and after a few cranks you decide to check it out further. You find out the fuel tank is empty. The last time you checked your fuel level gauge it read half a tank, and you realize it still reads half a tank after driving 100 miles. A defective fuel gauge sender (located in the tank) is not an uncommon problem which causes more inconvenience with an engine shut down condition.

So now that you have determined the cause of the problem it is time to top up the tank with diesel and bleed the fuel system. Generally speaking diesels need a high pressure atomized spray that turns into a combustible mixture when combined with high compression. Compressed air heats up enough in the combustion chamber to ignite the mixture and provide the high power thrust that diesel engines are known for.

Step One – How To Bleed A Diesel Engine

The first thing to do is top up the tank and fill the primary fuel filter (closest to the fuel tank) with clean diesel fuel. This filter relies on vacuum or suction from the fuel transfer pump to keep it primed up and moving along to the secondary fuel filter. Diesel fuel transfer pumps are either mechanically driven off the camshaft or electric motor driven. If you are really blessed you might even have a hand priming pump built into the system.

Step Two – Removing Air From The Diesel Fuel Injection System

Any way you look at it, the main objective is to rid the fuel injection system of air. Loosening fuel lines is a common practice for older diesels. Loosen off fuel line fittings before the injection pump then work the hand priming pump until you see no more bubbles streaming from the loosened off fuel lines. This will assure that there is fuel to the injection pump.

Step Three – Bleeding A Bosch Mechanical Diesel Fuel Injection System

As an example the Bosch fuel injection pump found in Cummins diesel engines has a bleeder plug on the front, right side of the pump body and can be loosened off first while pumping the hand primer found on the driver side of the block. The mechanical fuel injection system on these engines have the fuel lines exposed for easy access. Loosen all of the injection lines at the head. Cranking over the engine will accelerate the air removal process. When the fuel system starts to pick up fuel the engine will try to start and stumble. At this point tighten the fuel lines and keep cranking over the engine, you will have fire power before you know it.

Bleeding An Electronic Diesel Fuel Injection System

Newer diesel engines went to an electric fuel transfer pump. As soon as you turn on the ignition key the pump kicks in and automatically primes the fuel system. Using the Cummins ISC diesel engine as and example, to prime you must fill the primary filter first with clean diesel fuel and install the secondary fuel filter dry. Once the ignition key is on the fuel transfer pump will prime the secondary filter with clean filtered fuel from the primary fuel filter.

How To Paint Your Classic Car Like A Pro

How To Paint Your Classic Car Like A Pro After the finish body work is done, and your primer has been sanded to 600 grit wet, you can mask your classic car, and get ready for paint, if your lucky you can rent a paint booth for a day to paint the car, if renting a paint booth is the plan, you should wait to mask your car, until you get there.

I always suggest that you rent a booth, unless you have a garage that you can clean, blow out, and hose down until it’s absolutely dust free, if there is any dust around your car, it will be in the paint in the end, where if you rent a paint booth, they are usually kept clean, all you have to do is water the floors.

Now that you ready to paint your car, no matter where you have chosen to do the work, you need to be sure that you have all of the supplies that you need, because once you start to paint, you can’t just stop and make a run to the paint supply store, below I’ll add a list of the supplies you need. Supply List

  • 1) Paint
  • 2) sealer
  • 3) reducer
  • 4) Catalyst
  • 5) Tack Cloths, preferably designed for clear coat
  • 6) Measuring Cups
  • 7) Stir Sticks
  • 8) Measuring Stick
  • 9) Strainers
  • 10) Respirator in working order
  • 11) Paint Prep Cleaner

The list above is a list of the supplies that you’ll need to paint your classic car, you cannot skimp on this list to save money, you will need every item on it, so be ready to spend some money on it, on average your supplies will cost between $600.00 and $2,000.00 depending on what you use to paint your car.

Now that we know that the car is masked, we’ll prep clean it, this will clean any contaminants off of the surface of the primer, after you have done this you can tack cloth the car, this is done to remove small dust particles from the surface of the car.

Now I will give you a few things to think about, when painting with metallic paints then you must pay allot attention to the settings on your paint gun.

Metallic paints will tend to get lighter if the pressure goes up and darker if it goes down, your fluid flow and fan on your gun will also effect this.

Now I will give you a basic mixing chart, most paints will follow this chart. Instructions

1) get your paint ready to pour.

2) make sure that your mixing cup is clean.

3) Get your strainer and sticks.

4) Put a strainer in the top of the measuring cup.

5) Now pay close attention to the level of paint in the cup. Paint Mixing Table.

Always be sure to read and follow the paint manufactures mixing guide lines.

These mixing ratios are just a basic idea of what to do, things will change with different manufactures.

Recommended Air Pressure At Gun Head.

Paint Mix Ratios.

Paint Product.25-40 PSI Mix 4:1:1

Base Coat 25-40 PSI Mix 4:1:1

Sealer 25-40 PSI Mix 4:1:1

Clear Coat 25-40 PSI Mix 2:1:1

Primer Coat When using a spray gun, you try to achieve a certain spray pattern of spray coming out of the gun, this is done by adjusting the air pressure at the tip of the spray gun, also the fan of the paint, and fluid flow of the paint, all of these factors will make, or break your paint work.

What your looking for in a perfect spray pattern is very simple, it will consist of a fan 4-6 inches wide, that has no dry spot in the middle, or heavy spot on either end of the spray fan, once you achieve this type of spray coming from the gun, your ready to go.

Remember do not test you spray pattern on the paint booth wall, or on your car, take a piece of masking paper, and hang it on the wall of the booth, and use that to test your spray gun, if you rented my booth, and sprayed on the wall of it, I would charge you to remove the paint from the wall.

You should always follow the manufactures recommended paint mixes, and spray pressure, the manufacture know more about their product then anybody else does, if you follow what they sat to the letter, your paint should look great.

Commercial Engines Preferred Choice in the Automobile Industry


When an individual uses an automobile, they usually select a vehicle based on features and model type. Whereas, in the case of commercial clients they never consider common types of engines, they require specialized engines for many reasons. The commercial engines provide a better power output that is important for an industrial vehicle typically for trucks & heavy duty vehicles. Always try to contact a dealer that offer types of commercial engine to customers’. Also, you can get assistance from the online space to find references of diesel engine provider that also provide repair & maintenance services.

Classification of Engines

The selection of commercial engine are totally based on types of cylinders that produce energy and allow the automobile to move all around. Mainly, automotive engines are categorized into diesel engines, gasoline engines, and electric engines. Further, the engines that use types of fuels to convert energy into motion are classified into internal and external combustion engines. The fuel utilized in the ignition process divided into varied types including diesel, hydrogen, petrol, and gasoline.

Better Performance

When we talk about car engines they are different in design, but few elements are similar to all engines used for the commercial vehicles. Many ways are there to determine the type of engine, first of all, the number of cylinders, ignition system, and the geometry of the block used in the engine. The two common engine types used in cars are compression ignition and spark ignition that runs on different types of fuel.

Fuel Categorization

The spark ignition type is referred as gasoline car engines, whereas diesel engines use compression ignition. There are other alternate fuels are also available such as LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), and gasohol that contains 90% of gasoline and 10% of alcohol), but these options are available in limited amounts, so it is not at all possible to use in vehicles.  

Positives of Commercial Engines

Many brands are operating in the sphere that have plenty of experience in designing and building engines; you can see their details through the internet and get their services in a better manner. Quite an excellent range of engines is offered on the market that secures features like a better response, high emissions, proper torque, and high-RPM horsepower. Diesel engines are commonly used today, as they ensure a high performance and cheaper than gasoline and other types of fuels for enhanching business development and industrial activitities.

How did the spread of automobile transform the United States?

The automotive industry has seen the revolution of the American cultural, infrastructural, social and economic aspect especially in the twentieth century. This is attributed to the widespread ownership of vehicles in the American community especially with launching of affordable Model T by Henry ford and the mass production through assembly lines. The revolution also affected other sectors that service the industry and changes of consumerism due to enhanced purchasing power. The changes by the spread of the automobiles are independently studied next.


It all started in Europe with the invention of motor powered vehicles in the late eighteenth century. As a matter of fact by the middle of 19th century the engineers were still finding a solution on powering the automobile. Electric cars were produced in the twentieth century but were out of production by the first decade. Next came steam powered automobile but was similarly phased out due to the high cost of engine production and the problem of boiler explosion. The combustion engine later became popular which saw icons like Ransom andHenry Ford come up with gas powered engine which was more reliable than the steam and electric powered engines.

Commercial automotive production on a large scale started in France in late nineteenth century. However, in the United States it started in the beginning of twentieth century.  The first vehicle to be manufactured on a mass scale was the three horse power curved Oldsmobile in 1901 (Batchelor 45). Other manufacturers then entered into the automotive business which saw companies such as Ford Motor Company come into existence in 1903 with popular model T. The model was produced by the company for an average American and by 1920 the company had sold more than a million automobiles.

The revolution of the automobile industry in the United States can be pin pointed to Henry Ford and the assembly line which made mass production of cars at an affordable price for Americans possible. Indeed, the cars changed the lifestyle of Americans and economic benefits were astounding turning some cities like Michigan and Detroit into auto capitals. This followed with other companies like Chevrolet and Chrysler settings plants into these locations.


The entry into the automotive industry by players like Henry Ford saw the spread of the automobile among the American population unlike before when the toys were preserve of the rich. With the company producing affordable cars the automobiles became available for the middle class as well. The effect this had on the automobile industry in America is that the wages and the units of the automobiles tremendously increased. Convenience of travel improved and people were no longer required to stay near railway lines and people spread all over the urban areas.

During the era of horse driven mode of transportation ten to fifteen miles was the standard distance that could be traveled. However, with this transformation it brought along a change in living and social life of the Americans. With the distance that could be traveled immensely becoming expanded, cities and infrastructure started being extended and built on a big scale. It goes without saying that with the energized automotive industry the service industry would also grow which saw proliferation of auto-related shops, gas stations, shops on highways and fast food establishments come up.


About a century ago the infrastructure at the moment mainly consisted of the steam ships, canals and rail roads. However it is the invention of the ‘two wheeler’ that sparked the need to have a road network which saw the development of roads to serve the wagons, coaches and bicycles being carried out. However it is the revolution of the automobile industry that occurred with the introduction of the t-mobile in early 20th century that put pressure on the government to become more involved in the infrastructure development. As a matter of fact in 1916, it is under the Federal Aid Road Act that the state highway agencies were to be funded on a continuous program to help in improvement of the roads (Richard Para6). In addition, the Federal highway act of 1921 started providing funds to the state highway agencies in aiding them to construct the two lane interstate highways (Richard para8). The fruits of the federal government in road improvement and construction failed with the destruction of the roads after world war two. In 1944 legislation was passed to create a national system of interstate highways with an anticipation of a vibrant automobile industry. It is worth noting that between 1921 and 1941 the funding from the federal government saw the tripling of the amount of surfaced roads with an estimated forty billion dollars being spent on roads (Rob Para 8). According to Rob (para5) with the increase in automobiles which had been designed for horses the various authorities and the government launched ambitious road construction campaigns. The expansion of cities also intensified and saw the emergence of suburbs. At the time the workers usually lived near the factories or in areas where transportation was accessible by street car or rail.

Lamborghini Murcielago modification

For Lamborghini is, Murcielago in its 49year history has a special status. Since 1963 the depot was established, with the lone standoff design handwriting has released 18 models of different temperaments ultimate devil is this crazy world, it can be king of the world super sports car in dark circles of power. Why is the dark power? In front of Ferrari led a congregation accelerated machine, Lamborghini is like a sharp knife mercilessly pierce their heart, to pull away in the wind, the sound of the exhaust bombing to leave this dark memories of their brand. Murcielago is a high performance two-door two seater sports car, Audi is also the product of the first paragraph after the intervention Lamborghini by Lamborghini’s chief designer Luc Donckerwolke penned. Chairman of the Board Lamborghini rummaged about Spanish bullfight of 11 thick books, I found Murcielago story, use this name to name the new car, apparently containing profound meaning. Murcielago in Spanish means “bat”, it is a medieval fight and die in a few games bullfighting’s name.

Murcielago in with the sleek lines of rigid, very contemporary, with modern supercar essential elements. Especially outside the engine intake port design, will follow in the car with a power boost and natural increase, further strengthened the sense of movement Murcielago, bringing epochmaking change for the new century supercar, the text is the protagonist in this a backdrop birth LP640. The March 2010 launch of the LP6704 SV (Italian SuperVeloce Abbreviation, “fast” means, hereinafter referred to as SV) The maximum output power up to an amazing 670ps horsepower and global scale with limited edition of only 350 units, so Murcielago the majesty of the ultimate violent and more prominent. Careful readers will notice that the picture is obviously SV, why the title is said to be LP640 within it? In fact, this is indeed a LP640, but Fly Motor to design a set of almost like genuine LP670 SV surround kit! LP670 SV can be described as one of the super sports car Lamborghini in the history of the most attractive on the basis of LP640 under aggressive spoiler design to manufacturers of minimalist style on its head, LP640 owners can place a taste from Fly Motor control LP670 SV taste. The LP640 LP670 SV changed appearance, this is a crazy idea. The Fly Motor put that deviant actually placed in the front, not so, and even get a little too fine, so I have to suspect that this is called the real vehicle has LP640 LP670 SV! Unique design highly dense texture revealing: more generous than the original body, low, before shifting with cabin and slender, compact back, creating a marginal flexible graceful lines and hardedged basic outline of each other against the background , Fly Motor body in the perfect Lamborghini LP640 to LP670 SV design concepts presented. Before reequipped with the production bumper and matte black, carbon fiber front spoiler, around two large air intakes to attract people’s attention in the first place. If you need modification parts, you can visit

Chairman of the Board Lamborghini rummaged about Spanish bullfight of 11 thick books, found Murcielago story, use this name to name the new car, apparently containing profound meaningCompared to the original style of the more obvious improvements LP640 site is SV powerful engine compartment lid, in the LP670 SV lighten vehicle weight of 100kg in the engine cover undeniable. Fly Motor certainly not been idle, fully comply LP670 SV unique honeycomb design, hexagonal plastic plate made of transparent polycarbonate, and three layers of carbon fiber mounted within the frame material, the layers at the same angle to the rear opening, which is very conducive to heat high performance engine. Bracketing can also use a set of pure carbon fiber material, in addition to the air force base has LP670 SV, but also for reducing the LP640 SV enough to challenge the weight. Transparent hood open, you can see the inside of the 12cylinder engine, 6.5L displacement produce amazing 640 horsepower at 7500 rpm, 6000 rpm when the generation of 660 N / m torque, this is not the stunning history of mechanical engineering masterpiece it?

Why Classic Cars are Better Than New Ones

The start of 2008 brought great hilarity for those of us who keep a keen eye on the motoring industry – and especially those among us who sneer at anything less than a supercar. First, the joy of the internet and email meant I received a picture of a garden shed on wheels (yes, an actual shed) – with a clever fake press release heralding the launch of the new Daewood car! Very funny.

Then, in India, Tata Motors launched the world’s cheapest new car…the $2,500 Nano. Wizened industry-watchers heralded the apparent “breathtaking innovations in manufacturing technology in the global automobile industry based on severe cost-cutting”. Others were not so open-minded, with one United States media presenter describing the car as “a golf cart crossed with a jelly bean.”

But both events got me thinking – why on earth would someone buy a horrible new ‘Eurobox car’ when the money could be better spent on a fantastic classic car? This conundrum always baffles my colleagues at Sureterm Direct – the UK’s leading specialist classic car insurance company – so with their help here are my top 7 reasons to buy a classic car instead of a faceless, cheap, under-powered, Euro-shed.

1. Better insurance deals. Take it from us, as the country’s leading specialist classic car insurer, the costs of insuring a classic MGB if you opt for special features like limited mileage options can be considerably less than cover for a new hot hatch. And we’re not just talking about saving a £10 or so – the difference can run to hundreds of pounds. Classic car insurance quotes can be very competitive.

2. Zero road tax. Yep, that’s right. In the UK classic cars built before 1973 qualify for zero-rated road tax. You have to display a tax disk, but it doesn’t actually cost anything. So there’s £160 banked straight away

3. It makes financial sense. The moment you drive your run-of-the-mill chunk of far Eastern plastic and metal car off the forecourt you lose 30% of its value straight away in depreciation. You no longer own a new car – you own a second-hand one! But if you invested in a cracking little classic car in good condition – and kept it smart – the chances are it should at least hold its value (and in some cases it might even increase in price).

4. Cheaper repair bills. Let’s say you’re in the middle of a country estate enjoying a picnic in your classic Morris Minor when you carelessly but gently bump into a great oak. You can find a new rear lamp for around 20 quid. However, do the same in your new Kia and the replacement rear light is likely to be at least two times that.

5. You’re more environmentally-friendly. People think old cars use more petrol per mile than new ones – and in some cases they’re right. But it is a well-documented fact that around a third of the energy consumed by a car in its entire life is used to make it in the first place. So buying and using a classic car is recycling par-excellence. Spare parts for older cars are readily-accessible, so keeping your classic running is again very environmentally sound – while many components used in the build of new cars are sealed in and only fit for the bin once they’re no longer of use.

6. You look good. Swing down the street in a gleaming classic MGB and you’ll turn heads. And it feels great to drive around in something that is instantly-recognisable and draws knowing waves, nods and winks from other motorists. Of course, your Far Eastern tin machine might draw hand signals too – but a single finger doesn’t constitute a wave I’m afraid.

7. Social networking. Want to meet nice new friends in great surroundings? Then join a classic car club. For example, there are events for VW Beetle owners almost every weekend. It’s fun – and it’s hard to imagine the same feeling from a field full of Daihatsu Sirion owners.

Marine Diesel Engine Cooling Systems

Learning to understand your marine diesel engine cooling system is a necessary part of basic marine diesel engine maintenance.

Raw Water Cooling

A flexible impeller pump provides an efficient solution to most raw water pumping needs. The primary advantage of flexible impeller pumps is that they are self-priming, which means that when the vanes of the impeller are depressed and rebound, they create their own vacuum, drawing fluid into the pump. A dry pump can lift water up to as much as three meters. Thus a flexible impeller pump being used for engine cooling does not need to be manually primed or located below the water line. An added feature of a flexible impeller pump is that it can pass fairly large solids without clogging or damaging the pump. This reduces the need for filtration of incoming fluids.

For general or fresh water applications, a standard long lasting neoprene rubber impeller is used.

A general feature of all flexible impeller pumps is that they cannot be permitted to run dry for more than 30 seconds. Both the impeller and the seals require water for lubrication and will soon burn out if run dry. Parts that start to show wear are easily replaceable and service kits are readily available for most models.

Fresh Water Cooling

For circulation of the internal, closed, fresh water circuit of the cooling system it is common to use a flexible rubber pump if it is located on the cold side of the system (max. 55°C). Other types of belt-driven centrifugal pumps are also used. The closed circuit normally transfers heat from the engine to the heat exchanger. The liquid used is water and anti-freeze.

Cooling Capacity

The required output of the cooling pump is related to engine type and size, not to the size of the heat exchanger and exhaust system. This is true for both raw water as well as fresh water handling systems.

Temperature Regulators (Thermostats)

Thermostats are usually placed in the outlet at the top of the cylinder head to prevent the coolant from moving to the header tank until the marine engine has nearly reached operating temperature.

There are different types of thermostats, the most common being the wax pellet type. The capsule on the lower part of the thermostat has a mixture of wax and copper (to increase the thermal conductivity) sealed in it. As the coolant temperature increases, the wax expands and forces a rod to open the poppet valve at the top of the thermostat, which allows the coolant to circulate.
Cooling System Checks

  • To test your thermostat, boil a pot of water and drop in the thermostat. (The water must be 100 degrees celcius–the thermostat usually opens at 85 degrees celcius.) If the thermostat opens it is okay. If it doesn’t open, replace or clean carefully as they can become sticky with deposits. Yanmar thermostats can and should be regularly serviced. Some thermostats cannot be serviced.
  • If the thermostat doesn’t work, do not remove it and run the engine without it, as the engine will run cold and tight. You can drill a series of 1/4 inch? holes to give equivalent flow to an open thermostat. This will get you home, but you must then replace it. Be careful not to fit thermostat upside down.
  • Thermostat housings often corrode and need to be replaced. Some can be fabricated.
  • The cooling system should be checked after 100 hours running, or at least once each season, for leakage, deposits, etc.
  • The thermostat can be taken out of the housing on the front of the engine.
  • The heat exchanger core should be removed bi-annually for cleaning and inspection.
  • Many heat exchangers are fitted with anodes to protect the expensive core. Check regularly.
  • Check all hoses and clamps regularly.

Replacing the sea-water pump impeller

The pump impeller is made of neoprene rubber and this can be damaged in the case of water deficiency if, for example, the sea-water intake should be blocked. The pump impeller trouble shooting guide will be helpful in identifying impeller problems. The sea water pump impeller is changed as follows:

  1. Remove the cover from the sea-water pump. Note that there is the risk of water getting into the boat. With the help of two screwdrivers pull the shaft with the pump impeller out of the housing as far as necessary to reach the bolt retaining the impeller. Place some kind of protection under the screwdrivers in order not to damage the impeller housing. Alternatively, using channel-lock pliers, slide jaws between blades of impeller, rotate and withdraw.
  2. Pull the impeller off the shaft. Clean the inside of the pump housing and fit the new impeller. Always have a spare impeller on board.
  3. Check that the pump coupling is not damaged, by trying to turn the pump impeller. Fit the cover with the original gasket, which has the right thickness.

Classic Vintage Cars are Not Just Old Cars

Although the definitions might be different but what draws similarity between all the above mentioned terms is their relation to the past. Any old car might not be called a classic but a classic vintage car is definitely an old car that holds the characteristic features of a particular era. There are various conceptions in automobile lovers regarding the actual categorization of vintage and antique cars.

Solving the definition dilemma of classic vintage cars

Here we would deal with the terms veteran, vintage and classic sequentially. Firstly speaking of veteran cars, these are automobiles belonging to the pre – World War I era. Similarly a vintage car is a car that belongs to the era before the 1930s. Cars that fall in the time period from the 1930s to the World War II are termed as post vintage.

It is really a difficult task to draw a consensus over the definition of classic vintage cars. Some of the automotive organizations consider cars belonging to the 1940s as classics. On the other hand some other automobile organizations also refer to the cars belonging to the 1980s as vintage. However different the notions regarding classic or vintage cars be, all the automotive enthusiasts can deny the fact that a classic vintage car always possesses the ability to turn heads.

What makes a car qualify as a classic is its aesthetic appeal. Vintage cars might draw attention and appreciation of spectators owing to its timeless engineering beauty or design credentials that are symbolic of any particular era in the history. Theclassic vintage automobiles can be judged on the basis of three main ingredients namely age, desirability and rarity.

These beautiful machines always have an envy factor associated with them giving you a ride that others just dream of having. If the value of an old automobile model has sudden started showing upward trend from its previously falling nature it directly refers to one fact, i.e. it has reached the classic status. For instance the Ferrari Testorossa is one of the most famous classic cars in the present day.

Generally the restored version of a classic vintage car is priced lower than its concourse version. In the year 2013, July the most expensive car sold on auction was definitely none other than a classic model. It was the Mercedes Benz W196 Formula one car which was driven by none other than Juan Manuel Fangio also referred as the El Maestro in the racing world. This classic car was bid at a price as high as 19600000 euros.

However it’s not that modern day cars do not have the appeal of the classics.For instance the new Ferraris and Bugatti models are very well known as modern classics.

Qatar Classic Cars, a Classic Love

Classic car lovers in Doha the capital of Qatar are willing to face the bumps to go after their passion. Classic, Antique or some may call vintage cars until very recently appeared to be a territory only the rich royalties and the VIPs are allowed to enter. However, this perception has gradually changed, and now the market holds possibilities for even the enthusiasts that are willing to spare a bit over a hundred-thousand Qatari Riyals the equivalent to twenty-thousands US Dollars. This became possible due to the economic boom the area is witnessing, efficient communications with classic car dealers in Houston, along with the superior supply chain management allowed cars in Houston to be transported at low costs.

It now became possible for a knowledgeable enthusiast, with patience, and time at their disposal to buy classic car in Qatar, or an antique car in Dubai, or even a classic car to be shipped from Houston. It became possible to start the process with the equivalent of three thousand US dollars, or in other words for less than the ca was worth in the seventies or eighties.

This however sometimes holds true, and sometimes does not. For instance, Morris Minors was valued in Dubai and Qatar at about QR 15,000 in the eighties. It is very difficult to sell such a car for QR 10,000 in 2007 according to a car dealer. Cars that were easy on the pocket back in their peaking days are unlikely to hold value over the years. Hence, exceptions always pop up, for instance this fact doesn’t hold true with the iconic mini.

I respect, and always reflect my articles with both mine and the apposing; however I do not see a Qatar classic car dealer’s opinion holding true. He said “The classic car market, if it can be called that, will flourish because people have bought [these cars] for nostalgia and recreation — not for financial gain,” says a dealer in classic cars. “Most people, who have bought a classic car in the last ten years, knew their cars would have seen a rise on the value.” To contradict, According to Classic Car magazine, the US has seen a growth in the market for classic cars, particularly American sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s. Cars, such as Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros, Ford Thunderbirds and Pontiacs, are said to have doubled in value over the past three years.

As I have been promising throughout the article series dedicated to Qatar classic car, the research journey has not stopped, rather the more research I make, the more I am interested to learn about the differences in tastes and markets. To get up-to-date research results, visit the section I dedicated to Qatar classic cars

Classic Car News: Wood You Buy A Car Made Of Mahogany?

The colourful spectrum of classic cars which stretch across many decades include some weird and wonderful creations, but the weirdest of all has to be the 1932 Talbot 14/65 Boat Tail Tourer. With a body made purely of wood, this timeless beauty will be a truly unique buy for the lucky owner who snaps it up at auction next month.

“Brooklands’ historians estimate the car is worth a very affordable £20,000 to £30,000″, according to traditional boat-builders Henwwod and Dean. The Serious Wheels website has reported that even with no oars, no rudder, no propeller and questionable cruising credentials, this latest consignment to Brooklands auction on December 4th is still sure to float the boat for many classic car enthusiasts.

Starting its life as a simple saloon car, this vintage Talbot was given a new lease of life by a boat builder, who constructed and carefully crafted this Tourer from planks of the finest Honduran mahogany.

Not many classic cars can claim to have a nautical twist, but fortunately for this little trinket its unique selling point makes it stand out from the rest. In keeping with true British sports car tradition, comfort is kept to a bare minimum”, according to, with “two small rectangular aero screens, a tonneau cover and a pair of 9 inch diameter headlamps”.

As well as the charming outer aesthetics, this classic has a black leather interior with art deco detailing to reflect the era the car was built. With such distinctive intricate detail the 1932 Talbot would make a great contribution to any classic car enthusiast’s collection.

Should You Own, Finance, Rent Or Lease A Mercedes Car?

If you are looking to lease a Mercedes certified pre owned car then you may just have some interest in the following article.

If you are wondering whether buying or leasing a car is a better option, then it would first be helpful to know some key distinctions that are generally associated with both options. And in the following sections, we will be having a look into just that, so continue on for more information and details.

When it comes time to shop for and ultimately buy a new car, the decision making process can be quite fuzzy, and for a number of good reasons. When shopping for a used car, there are many underlying issues that may or may not have been made public and the last thing on earth you would want is to get stuck with such vehicles. Nowadays, there seems to be a number of conniving dealers out there and the problem then becomes, which ones are trustworthy.

There actually have been a few reports of these dealers turning back or resetting the odometer. Knowing how many miles a car has driven is probably the single most important factor when shopping for a second hand car. The more miles a car has, the lesser the price will be, for that vehicle. But what about certified pre owned. These days this phrase seems all too common; continue on to find out why.

Certified pre owned Mercedes cars for lease seems to be almost like a catch phrase. What this basically means is that while the car has been driven for a number of miles, it has endured a 30 or 40 point inspection exam. This number can even go higher, but this largely depends upon which dealership you choose and also the type of car that is being considered. If say you are looking to purchase a new Mercedes, the inspection process seems rather stringent. In other words, the car goes through a series of rigorous tests in order to determine a variety of things. Emissions test, handling of the car (during a test drive), gas mileage, whether the car needs any replacement parts, engine and motor oil check are all typical examples of what a Mercedes vehicle would have to go through in order to pass.
Whether you plan to buy or lease a Mercedes certified pre owned car, you should be aware of the reputation the dealership has. While the car may have passed a very painstaking test, one can never be sure about the reliability of that particular car. If you purchase or finance a brand new Mercedes Benz, the odds of a mechanical problem would be remote, especially during the first couple of years or so. Finally, when you have actually come to the decision that you want to lease the car, it would be best that you search a few Mercedes Benz dealerships in your area, and make sure that you also receive a warranty lest that something does go wrong. When you buy pre owned you can save thousands of dollars, however always make sure that you are buying or leasing a car with low mileage, say of under, 50,000; this approach will guarantee that your car will last for quite a while and give service as per your requirement

Automotive Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show in Pomona

Pomona is the Largest Antique Auto, Porsche, Corvette, Volkswagen Swap Meet, Street Rod & Classic Car Show of the West Coast. With 7 events every year, this Southern California Classic is explicitly planned for the Classic Car fanatic. Offered by George Cross & Sons, Inc., the events are held at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. It is the vital automotive event where you have the prospect to turn your classic car, car parts and automobilia into cash. Get a taxi Pomona to enjoy the event.

Anybody can take part in the event: industries, hobbyists and garage cleaners are all invited. Bring your characteristic car, car parts, auto accessories and automobilia to our following event and you will find for yourself why Pomona is the exclusive place to trade. You will be in the presence of numerous car part vendors spread-eagled out from corner to corner 2,000 vendor places. In addition, you will look through thousands of unique and restored classic vehicles on display and for auction in 6 dedicated Car Corral sections: any year Porsches, Pre 1985 Classics, any year Corvettes, Pre 1959 Street Rods, Pre 1985 Volkswagens & Pre 1985 Imports.

Since the year 1975, millions of auto supporters from throughout the nation and around the world have come and gone through the gates of the Classic Car Show & Pomona Swap Meet. We request you to come on out to purchase, trade or just to enjoy the day with us. You will be joined by more than 20,000 car fanatics who join each event looking for their next treasure. Bring your car, some easy walking shoes, and a desire for classic cars and parts. Try to get to the fabulous event timely, like 5 A.M early, because it all happens in just one day. Book ataxi Norwalk to get to the venue in time.

The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show pulls audiences from all over the world to shop over 15 miles to discover car parts and accessories. This is a great opportunity that doesn’t deserve to be missed. Ink your timetable now! Come to purchase, come to trade or come to see. Bring your whole family for a great day on 18th of October 2015 at Fairplex in the city of Pomona, California from 05:00 A.M to 02:00 P.M. This is a one day event and the event’s admission fee is $10.00. No admission charges for children below or of 12 years age. Hire a taxi Paramount to transport you to the event location before time.

In case of any queries related to the much awaited event, please feel free to call (714) 538-7091 or you can also fill out our contact form available on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can get your friends, family or colleagues along to enjoy the event and have a great time at the show. You can also register yourself as a vendor and get the best space for the next swap meet. At the car corral, you can learn how you can display and sell your classic ride.

How Can Diesel Injector Testing Auckland Help with Improved Vehicular Longevity


Traditionally, diesel motors were run with crank shaft and piston combination, which moved to enable the engine to run. Vehicles running on such system of piston movement actually made lots of noise and the timing of emission of the combustion gas and fuel couldn’t be maintained rightly. In this kind of engine, there is necessity to have fine injection of the diesel fuel into the chambers of the engine for smooth functioning. Diesel injector nozzles are common in the modern day diesel engines, because of the higher precision of fuel passage into the engine chambers.  They are fitted into the common rail injection system, where their function is to release precise, calculated and high pressure fuel amounts into the engine chambers. So, the role of diesel injector is of much importance for the proper functioning of the diesel engines in vehicles or in other places.

•    Highly precise and finest injection system of fuel for efficiency of diesel engines, but still needs maintenance

Although it has been claimed by the modern day diesel engine designers that the fuel injection systems are very fine and precise, their longevity sometimes may falter. Since the injectors are primarily responsible for smooth throw of fuel into the combustion chambers, there is all the justification for diesel injector testing Auckland, because it will allow people to have an idea about the manner in which their fuel common rail system is functioning. There can be timely diesel injector repair, whenever any discrepancy is seen, provided the diesel injector servicing is done for the engines on a regular basis.

•    Maintenance and testing needed on regular basis for earliest possible detection of defects in fuel injection

Some people might think that the diesel injector testing Auckland is needed only when there is a problem. To a large extent, this is the common perception with lots of people, who assume that the new model diesel engines are free from maintenance. Instead, there is need of regular maintenance, but with proper sense of the engines and particularly the fuel injection systems. Regular diesel injector servicing will reveal any hidden cracks or loss of functions of these injectors, which can be repaired immediately. Furthermore, it is quite easy and handy to carry out the diesel injector repair, because simple replacements of the injectors can be enough to allow the engines to run smoothly for long periods of time.

•    During servicing, testing needs to be done for proper maintenance and low cost work

Diesel engine experts can be called upon to check out the diesel injector testing Auckland, because this will reveal a lot about the manner in which the vehicle is running. Starting from the features of smoke, the revving sound, power in the torque to the running of the engines, many things can signal towards problems and need to have diesel injector repair. In such conditions, owners of diesel vehicles should get their testing done for fuel injectors, so that the best condition of these cars is maintained. It doesn’t require lots of expenses for maintenance and diesel injector servicing, but if there is damage to these injector systems of the common rail, then the costs can get escalated quite significantly for diesel engines.

How to Choose the Best Hid Kits for Your Car

HID stands for High Intensity Discharger and HID kits are used for upgrading a vehicle’s headlights. Some of the benefits of this modification include low power consumption and a better intensity of light. Many companies have recognized the worth of HID lights and therefore these lights are part of almost all new car and truck models. However, if you have an old car and would like to improve its performance then installing an HID conversion kit can prove to be a great modification. Buying these kits from a reputable car parts manufacturer is a good option to avoid legal issues and other reliability problems.

It has been found that HID lights produce up to 3 times more light than simple halogen bulbs which are factory installed. Furthermore, they require only 35 Watt power as compared to 55 Watt required by halogen bulbs. The technology used in these types of headlights is somewhat different and the functionality is optimized to bring about a positive change to your car’s performance. Reliable manufacturers provide waterproof and shockproof HID kits to their customers that can last for many years to come. Many people want to install these kits as they are not only cost effective but are also very easy to install.

There are some factors that contribute to overall good design and longevity of HID headlights. Keep these points in mind when you order your kits online. There are basically four types of HID car kits available on the market. These include single beam, hi/lo beam, telescope kit and bi-xenon kit. It depends on your requirements, budget and some other specifications to decide which of these kits to install. You may also want to read the specifications of different kits that come under all these types to choose the right one for your car or truck.

The brightness of light coming from these bulbs is measured in Kelvin or simply K units. HID kits are designed to produce double brightness as compared to halogen bulbs. They come in color variations ranging from white to blue. 5000K to 7000K is a common range of color temperatures used in the construction of HID lights. HID conversion kits are safe to use and manufactured by keeping in view the traffic rules regarding the intensity of car headlights and other legal issues. These kits come with complete instruction booklets to help you out through the process of installation.

Different car kits are provided by the aftermarket car parts manufacturers for different models. The best way to find out which car kit is best suited to your requirements is to conduct an online search. By using this method you can easily browse through a number of options available for the modification of your car’s headlights. You can also simply replace the bulbs with new ones made with xenon technology by finding out about the specifications of factory installed bulbs in your car. This way you can assure that the new headlights will work fine with no technical problems.

For all those automobile enthusiasts out there, installing HID kits in a car can be very beneficial as well as attractive. A generic HID kit is composed of three parts: bulbs, ballasts and igniter. When choosing HID lights for your car you can either go for a generic kit or individual parts depending on your requirements. You can search for these kits online and if you are able to find a package that comes with a good warranty period and easy to install parts, you can be assured that you have found an excellent deal. These kits are not only very popular but also a great option for upgrading your car as they also serve to enhance engine performance and overall operation.

Keep 6 Things in Mind As You Start Looking For Exotic Cars for Rent in Beverly Hills

Driving or riding in an exotic car while jaunting through Beverly Hills is a memorable experience. They are part of the experiences that each of us adds to the collection of our life’s adventures as well as excitement as long as we are alive. Most people don’t get to enjoy this type of luxury on a regular basis, but it is possible to enjoy it for a short span of time. Many are learning that by selecting exotic cars for rent in Beverly Hills, they can experience how the other half of people is living without it. By renting one of these cars, one can fully experience their power and beauty. However, the chauffer of these exotic cars should be minimum 21 years.

Selecting the best exotic car in Beverly Hills: 6 ways

When it comes to renting an exotic car, most people takes the decision very casually without thinking much. Since they choose the one they come across for the first time, so often they are let down. Your basic needs are a main consideration. Important factors that you need to consider before choosing exotic cars for rent in Beverly Hills includes the motive for wanting the car and your destination. You also need to know the dates when you will need the car, even if you just want to go for a nice long drive in an expensive car. Normally the price you pay for the exotic car will depend partly on how well and when you will use the car.

Here are 6 useful tips to help make your car-rental experience as amazing as possible for your bank account.

  1. Size of the car- The size of the car that you have hired can impact the price you pay. It is better to choose a luxury car for rent with many seats so that passengers can seat safely and cozily. To illustrate car sizes, rental car companies generally provide car models.
  2. Search the net- Shop around on the net to find the best rates. Buying luxury cars for rent Los Angeles online will afford you the luxury of seeing what rates look like on any vehicle your heart desires.
  3. Go for weekends- The rates of both exotic andluxury cars for rent in Los Angeles are usually cheaper on weekends.
  4. Car Insurance- Car insurance is a serious issue and something that you want to make sure you have in order before choosing a rental exotic car. You certainly do not want to be responsible for something unfortunate while you had the car.
  5.  Reserve everything you know about driving– If you want to choose the exotic rental car that you think is absolutely right for you, you have to set aside everything you think you know about driving a car. The experience of driving or riding in rental exotic cars, like– Mercedes g550 for rent Beverly Hills is not same as any automobile you have driven or ridden before, since they are a special breed of high-performance machine.
  6. Advance booking through online means greater a chance of getting what you want-Booking in advance increases your chances of getting the best possible rental rate. We know that as supply decreases, costs rises. The more exotic cars available, the better will be the rates at which you will be able to book them. Booking a car at the last moment will only narrow down your choices while raising the cost.

Now that you know more about how to choose exotic cars for rent Beverly Hills, you can make the best decision on your next rental choice. Just take out some time from your busy schedule to consider what type of exotic car you would like to opt for.

SUV Mahindra Scorpio’s fuel efficient and quieter mHAWK Common Rail Diesel Engine

Check out the powerhouse SUV with Common Rail Diesel Engine – Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio, the SUV model from the leaders in Utility Vehicles in India Mahindra & Mahindra, features the 2.2 litre, 4-cylinder mHAWK diesel engine. It is this mHAWK engine that makes the Scorpio the powerhouse that it is. It propels the Scorpio from 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds producing a whopping 120 bhp of power. The mHAWK engine of Scorpio is a common Rail Diesel Engine (CRDe).

The Common Rail Diesel Engine works on the ‘Common Rail Direct Fuel Injection’ technology. It consists of a high-pressure fuel rail feeding individual solenoid valves. The more recent Third Generation common rail diesels feature piezoelectric injectors for increased precision, with fuel pressures up to 1,800 bars or 26,000 psi.

The Common Rail Diesel engine has two main advantages over the conventional diesel engine. It helps in lowering down exhaust emissions to a great extent and it also lowers down engine noise.

A fuel rail is essentially a pipe (resembling a rail) to which the fuel is delivered and maintained at a very high pressure of about 1800 bar. This fuel is then delivered to individual fuel injectors on internal combustion engine. During the firing sequence of a particular cylinder, the high pressure, electronically operated injector will be opened and fuel with a pressure of about 1800 bar is injected in to the cylinder. This leads to improved atomization of the fuel in the cylinders. This high pressure fuel cloud leads to complete combustion of the fuel, thus avoiding emission.

The rapid speed at which the injectors can switch makes it possible to reduce the intervals between injections and split the quantity of fuel delivered into a large number of separate injections for each combustion stroke. Diesel engines become even quieter, more fuel efficient, cleaner and more powerful.

STOP! Don’t pay for a “Repo Car Auction” List!

Where can you buy Bank and Credit Union repos?

The auto industry has no shortage of marketers trying to lead you to the next great deal. Promises of buying exotic cars for $500 and getting exclusive access to repossession auction lists are everywhere. In truth, almost none of these promises have any substance whatsoever. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. What these sites are offering for about $50 is a list of auctions in your area. They aren’t showing you exotic $500 cars, and they certainly aren’t guaranteeing any results. Selling this dream may have worked in the past, but this isn’t the 1990’s anymore, and the repossessed car industry has long since evolved.

The deals are all around you if you know where to look.

It’s now 2010, and buyers have a smarter way to shop for repossessed vehicles. By definition, a “Bank Repo” or “Credit Union Repo”, is a vehicle that has been repossessed by a financial institution. Banks and Credit Unions have realized that they can sell these “Bank Owned” vehicles DIRECTLY to the public themselves, avoiding the need to pay an Auctioneer or Car Dealer commission. Consumers can literally contact financial institutions directly to buy vehicles. By not charging a commission, Banks act as a “Private Party” seller, but they also have the inventory and financing ability of a Car Dealership. In the end you get the best of both worlds.

How do I start looking for a “Bank Owned” car?

In lieu of our current economy, Banks and Credit Unions across America have been bombarded with repossessed vehicles. There has never been a better time to find a repo car. The only hard part is finding out what repossessed inventory is on the market. Buyers have a useful tool in this search. A website called offers a 100% free list of Credit Unions and Banks Nationwide that sell to the public. RepoFinder does not sell the vehicles, but instead shows you who does. Car buyers can locate repossessions by clicking on their State and viewing the list of links to financial institutions who are selling to the public. Simply find the car you want, contact the Bank directly, then see if you can make a deal. There simply is no better way to buy a repossession then to buy one from the Bank yourself.